Enrichment Programme Committee

The Enrichment Programme Committee (EPC) was established in 2019 to devise a strategy, organise and standardise most of the co-curricular activities and events into an enrichment programme complementing the academic one. The Enrichment Programme (EP) is organised into areas of interest composed of single units. 

The EPC is responsible for the vetting of each EP unit (EPU) and the running of the programme in general. 

The aims of the EPC are to: 

  • design and structure the EP for Junior College
  • review the EPU on offer to students at the beginning of the year 
  • process new EPU submitted by staff and students
  • classify and assign a code to each EPU
  • present a list of EPU to the College Board for approval each academic year 
  • monitor the standard of each EPU
  • recommend changes to an EP coordinator to maintain standards 
  • analyse any statistical data emerging from EP
  • develop other co-curricular programmes as required
  • see to the overall coordination of the JC Enrichment Programme.

2023/25 Committee Composition