Our structure

Our structure

The Junior College is structured in the following sequential order in accordance with the level of authority and responsibility.

As the main governing body the Junior College Board proposes regulations as may be required by the College to reach its goals, oversees the administration, recommends nominees, appoints Subject Coordinators and ensures collaboration with other stakeholders.
The PrincipalMr Paul Xuereb, is responsible for the day to day administration of the College. The Principal is assisted by the Vice-Principal Mr Roderick Vassallo. Both the Principal and the Vice-Principal are appointed by the UM Council.
Area Coordinators are appointed by the UM Council on recommendation of the Board following an internal process led by the Principal. The Area Coordinators carry out administrative duties with the staff of a specific area of study. The five Area Coordinators are:

Subject Coordinators are appointed by the Board for a period of four years and are eligible for reappointment. Each Subject Coordinator heads a department entrusted with one or more subjects and sees to its day to day administration. The current Subject Coordinators are:
Academic staff

Administrative and technical staff



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