Our structure

Our structure

Junior College Board



Mr Paul Xuereb



Mr Roderick Vassallo


Area Coordinators

Dr Ernest Azzopardi Area of Business & Technology
Dr Christine Borg Farrugia Area of Languages & Communication
Rev. José Debono  Area of Social Sciences
Dr Joe A. Doublet  Area of Natural Sciences
Ms Suzanne Gatt  Area of Arts & Critical Thinking 


Subject Coordinators 

Is-Sa Clare Azzopardi Dipartiment tal-Malti
Dr Glorianne Borg Axisa Department of Geography & Home Economics
Mr Renato Camilleri Department of Chemistry
Dr Karl Chircop Department of Foreign Languages
Dr Angele Deguara Department of Sociology
Dr Alex Farrugia Department of Mathematics
Ms Olivianne Farrugia Department of Creative Arts & Design
Mr Riccardo Flask Department of Computing & Information Technology
Ms Natasha Galea Department of Philosophy
Dr Olivia Galea Seychell Department of Psychology
Ms Josephine Mallia Department of Accounting
Mr Stefan Schembri Department of Marketing
Ms Petra Paula Spiteri Department of Biology
Ms Antonia Vella Department of Physics
Dr Patricia Vella Briffa Department of English

Academic staff


Administrative and technical staff