Other services

Other services

This office is responsible for the coordination and organisation of activities with a European or international dimension. Its objective is that of promoting student participation in non-formal intercultural education through international projects such as the Erasmus+ programme, EUROSCOLA and youth exchanges.

The JC International Office takes up projects that are of great educational value, aimed at contributing towards the students’ holistic development. Such participation provides enriching experiences that significantly widen students’ horizons through exposure to different languages and cultures and interaction with foreign students. Participation of students from different study areas or specific interests is encouraged. This office also provides support to students and staff throughout a project’s cycle. Furthermore, it offers information related to the EU, and introduces innovative programmes and practices aimed at increasing student participation in co-curricular activities.

We're located in Room Db12

Contact person: Ms Boryana Chaneva

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The Diversity Working Group focuses proactively on diversity issues and inclusion. It aims to create awareness of these issues amongst students and staff. Two students sit on the Working Group.

The College strongly believes that each individual is different but should feel accepted and welcome. Difference may arise for many reasons including, but not only, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and disability. 

The main aim of the JC4Others committee is to instil a sense of altruism among those attending the College, hence the name. By organising various activities throughout the academic year, the committee raises funds, collects goods, and provides volunteers in order to support various charities, as well as College students and staff. Two students sit on the committee.

We're located in Room C016.

Contact person: Dr Liliana Maric

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