Choosing subjects

Choosing subjects

The College prides itself in offering the widest possible choice of subjects. The following guidelines should help students choose their subjects wisely:

  • Students are advised to identify their areas of strength and interest and to choose the University course/s that match these strengths and interests. Some courses may require specific subjects as entry requirements, but there are University courses which do not have special course requirements. Go through the full list of courses that do have special requirements.
  • For the Matriculation Certificate, students are required to study two subjects at Advanced level, three subjects at Intermediate level and Systems of Knowledge, which is a compulsory subject.
  • The choice of subjects should include one subject from each of Groups 1, 2 and 3. The other two subjects may be chosen from any of the four groups below.
  • It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that the group of subjects chosen is in line with MATSEC regulations and course requirements. The same applies if a change of subjects is requested. 
  • Students may request to be exempted from studying the six subjects at the College, if they are already in possession of a pass in the subject/s.
  • The Junior College reserves the right not to offer a subject if the number of applicants does not justify it or if logistics and timetable arrangements do not permit it.
  • Students are strongly advised to consult the relevant MATSEC syllabus to know more about a particular subject.

Subjects offered

Group 1
ArabicEnglish / French / German / GreekItalian / LatinMalti / Spanish

Group 2
Accounting2 /

Classical Studies1 / Economics2 / Geography / History / Marketing2 / Philosophy / Psychology1 / Religious Knowledge / Sociology

Group 3
Applied Mathematics (Mechanics) / Biology / Chemistry / Computing4 / Environmental Science1,3 / Physics / Pure Mathematics


Group 4
Art / Engineering Drawing1,5 / Graphical Communications5 / Home Economics and Human Ecology / Information Technology4 / Music / Physical Education1 /  Theatre and Performance


1 Offered at Intermediate level only.

Not more than two of Accounting, Economics and Marketing may be chosen. 

Environmental Science may not be taken with Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

Computing may not be taken with Information Technology.

Engineering Drawing may not be taken with Graphical Communication. At Intermediate level the two subjects are combined.

Refer to the full Matriculation Examination Regulations.

Students who are 18+ years and do not require the full Matriculation Certificate in accordance with the respective regulations, may choose any combination of subjects, according to the programme they are registered for. Students should be aware that such qualifications would not satisfy the entry requirements to the University of Malta.