Wellbeing Services

A professional service giving advice, support and guidance is readily available for JC students, staff and parents/guardians.

These services embrace the wellbeing of the individual holistically to ensure that the College lives up to its Mission Statement. Our Counselling Service offers psychological support. Our Advisory Services offer guidance towards lifetime achievements. Our Youth Worker offers opportunities for social growth and interactions. Our Chaplain offers spiritual guidance and healing. Our Sport & Leisure Unit offers opportunities for physical activities and a healthier approach to life. 

The various services within the Wellbeing Services operate in close liaison with each other, and with the Student Services Office.

The Chaplaincy at Junior College embraces the charisma of enabling all those who come in contact with it to reflect on their uniqueness and how God’s presence in their life makes them more wholesome.

The Chaplaincy offers daily Mass at the College chapel at 07:30 and at 12:15 respectively, daily adoration between 12:30 and 13:30, pastoral counselling and spiritual direction.

The Chaplain’s office may be found next to the foyer, while the chapel is close to the Pjazza, with an adjoining socialising area, both of which are open during College hours. 

We're located in Room C016.

Contact person: Rev. Bernard Micallef

Contact us.

The Counselling Service is available to address personal, academic, emotional or College-related issues that get in the way of achieving a good College experience and realising one’s full academic/professional and personal potential. We offer assistance in a variety of situations including:

  • coping with the transition to College life
  • managing time better and exploring smart ways of studying
  • coping with anxiety and stress and overcoming low energy and low motivation
  • working on self-confidence and self-esteem
  • addressing questions on sexuality/sexual preference and identity
  • addressing cultural/ethnic concerns
  • evaluating family or intimate relationships to deal with interpersonal conflicts
  • offering support to persons dealing with mental health issues.

Our counselling service professionals respect the values, choices and lifestyle of each and every person. Confidentiality is guaranteed, except in those cases when a person is acting, or likely to act, in a way that could cause serious harm to her/him, or put others at risk of harm.

Counselling Service Professionals: Ms Fleur Mifsud Bons (Room Db13, +356 2590 7291) and Ms Anna Borg Bartolo (Room Db14, +356 2590 7334)

You may also contact the counsellors by email: Ms Fleur Mifsud Bons and Ms Anna Borg Bartolo

The Student Advisory Services aim to provide prospective and current students at Junior College with the necessary information and advice in order to make informed and sensible choices regarding career paths and courses of study as well as employment. This is done through research, the provision of information and advisory services and the constant contact with fellow stakeholders.

We offer assistance in a variety of ways, including:

  • establishing and maintaining links with schools, particularly those at the post-secondary level
  • assisting the UM Registrar with enquiries relating to courses of study and providing of information
  • giving advice to prospective students and vocationally-related clientele
  • supporting and guiding to students in various areas such as time management and study skills
  • guiding in the transition from education to employment by helping students achieve the soft skills and employability skills required in the world of work.

Contact person: Mr Giosué Pianciamore

We're located in Room Db12.

Call us on +356 2590 7262 or contact us by email.

Together with students and other stakeholders at the College, we work to create initiatives that help students develop personally, socially and educationally. We offer support and mentoring to students during their life at College, for their holistic development and long-term career path.

We help students to:

  • find support and information about relevant services and opportunities within and outside the College
  • get involved in different enrichment programmes
  • learn about themselves while developing skills during activities organised by the office
  • engage in discussions on current affairs or topics of their interest and explore their relevance to their life
  • seek personal and group mentoring on different levels
  • suggest and organise initiatives of a social, learning and fun nature, and
  • explore opportunities of voluntary work.

Contact person: Mr Roberto Calleja

We're located in Room Db4.

Call us on +356 2590 7229 or contact us by email.

The Sports & Leisure Unit oversees all sports-related activities. It provides both students and staff with opportunities to foster a healthier lifestyle through ongoing initiatives and yearly activities. Its main aim is to increase awareness of the relationship between sport and physical activity, and physical and mental health.

Contact person: Ms Roseann Dimech

We're located in the Sports Hall. 

Find out more about our services, call us on +356 2590 7322 or contact us by email.