Youth hub

Youth hub

The Youth Worker and the Youth Hub offer support and mentoring to students during their life at College, for their holistic development and long-term career path.

Together with students and other stakeholders at the College, we work to create initiatives that help students develop personally, socially and educationally. 

We help students to:

  • find support and information about relevant services and opportunities within and outside the College
  • get involved in different enrichment programmes
  • learn about themselves while developing skills during activities organised by the office
  • engage in discussions on current affairs or topics of their interest and explore their relevance to their life
  • seek personal and group mentoring on different levels
  • suggest and organise initiatives of a social, learning and fun nature, and
  • explore opportunities of voluntary work.

The Youth Worker is Mr Roberto Calleja and his office is located in the Youth Hub (Room Db4).


Want to know more? 
Call us on +356 2590 7229 or contact us by email.