The Board

The Board

The College is governed by a Board composed of:

Chairperson: Prof Carmen Sammut, Pro-Rector

Vice-Chairperson: Mr Paul Xuereb, Principal

: Mr Roderick Vassallo, Vice-Principal

Area Coordinators

Dr Glorianne Borg Axisa
Dr Christine Borg Farrugia
Dr Joe Doublet
Ms Suzanne Gatt
Mr Stefan Schembri

JC Academic staff representatives

Mr Kevin Mizzi
Mr Robert Tanti

JC Student representatives

Ms Thea Aquilina
Mr Gabriel Camilleri

Appointed by the Minister for Education

Mr Saviour Seisun
Dr Joseph Mangani

Appointed by the UM Senate

Dr Ing. Owen Casha
Dr Nathalie Kenely
Mr Keith Grima (Senate Student Rep.)

Chairperson, MATSEC Board

Dr Odette Vassallo

Mr Joseph Scicluna