Equity, diversity and inclusion

Junior College is very proud of its achievements with regards to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Over the years, the College has increasingly become more sensitive towards issues of diversity, particularly in terms of its student and staff population and has responded to this in a variety of ways.

In 2014, the JC Diversity Working Group was set up with the aim of addressing issues related to diversity, equality and inclusion amongst the student and staff population. Nowadays this group serves the function of the Diversity Committee and represents the College on the UM Equity Committee in all matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion. The College and the Diversity Committee have worked intermittently to formulate our Diversity Equality Inclusion Policy that came into effect on 1 September 2022. 

In recent years, the direction adopted by the College has been towards diversity, equality, inclusion on all levels. This is particularly evident in the language adopted in official documents and forms, the way people are treated, the setting up of the aforementioned working group, admission related processes, signage, study programmes geared towards these ideals and so on. Additionally, a number of structural adjustments were made on the College Campus to make it more accessible to individuals with mobility issues and to accommodate those who identify as gender non-binary. 

The College also follows the UM Equity, diversity and inclusion measures. These include the Gender+ Equity plan and its Action timeframe plan. Full reference of these measures may be accessed through the UM website - UM Equity, diversity and inclusion

The College has representatives on three major UM committees, namely Access Disability Support Committee (ADSC), Gender Equality & Sexual Diversity Committee (GESDC) and the Committee for Race & Ethnic Affairs (CREA) and on the umbrella committee Equity Committee, to consolidate further the College’s commitment toward the values of diversity equality inclusion.

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