Access arrangements

Access arrangements

The Junior College strives to support all students, especially those with a disability, or learning difficulty, or who require special arrangements.

The College liaises with the Access Disability Support Unit at the University of Malta to ensure that students avail themselves of all the appropriate and permitted support.

Access Arrangements enable students with disability to start, follow and complete a programme of study successfully. These arrangements may, in exceptional instances, include a time extension for course completion. Some students cannot follow a course in the same time frame as their peers but may require a longer period of time.

If you require access arrangements contact the Students' Services Office at the beginning of the academic year (or when the need arises and call +356 2590 7150 or send an email.

Note: If you require Access Arrangements during MATSEC Examinations make your request at the time of application.

Find out more about access arrangements at JC.