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Physics is the branch of science concerned with the properties of matter and energy. It is the fundamental science and it is the basis of many other sciences including chemistry.  Physics also under-girds the many new technologies which have revolutionized our world. The study of physics prepares students for a broad spectrum of exciting careers

The UoM-JC Physics Department

We have highly motivated academic staff with a genuine passion for the subject and for teaching. The work of our academic staff contributes to an outstanding student experience. It has become increasingly advantageous to choose to study physics at the UoM-JC. For instance, it is well know that the UoM-JC offers virtually any combination of subjects. When one considers all the new courses being introduced by the University of Malta and the changes in requirements for admission to specific courses offered, it becomes very clear that this advantage should not be overlooked.  However, as recent student surveys confirm, the knowledge, experience, talent and motivation of our academic staff members is regarded as being the greatest asset.

Our UoM-JC Physics Department website is regularly updated and it is a  useful source of information. We also use a Facebook page as an extension to this website.


Introducing our courses

 (A) Advanced Level Physics

Our Advanced Level Physics course remains popular for many reasons. We are proud to say that our students receive plenty of individual attention. For instance during  Advanced Level Physics practicals and tutorial sessions, the number of students is limited to less than 15 allowing the lecturer to easily deal with individual difficulties.The number of tutorial sessions per week is two. Furthermore, every advanced level physics student may take advantage of about six contact hours per week during which at least one of the designated lecturers is available for consultation on an individual basis. It is well-known that our laboratories are very well-equipped. Most of the physics lectures, seminars and tutorials are held in Block D on the first floor. Each of our lecture rooms is equipped with modern screens allowing our lecturers to use a variety of digital resources whenever required. Another important resource is the well-organised and up-to-date collection of physics books found inside the Junior College Library. 


Thinking about joining our Advanced Level Physics course? Check our Guidelines for Prospective Students


(B) Intermediate Level Physics


An increasing percentage of students studying at UoM-JC are obtaining top marks.

The trend suggests that the ongoing efforts made to improve the course are being effective


CERN 2017
'Cern 2017' organised by the JC Physics Department: The participating students tell us about the unforgettable experience. Click here.
Timetables 2017-2018

Advanced and Intermediate Level students may access their timetables through this website by 30th September 2017. 

Does God really play dice?
We are proud to welcome our guest Prof. em. Urbaan M. Titulaer who will give three talks, one for the public, one for academic staff and university students and another one for Junior College students.

Click here to view the poster. Friday 24th February 2017 at 5.00 p.m. to Saturday 25th February 2017 at 5.00 p.m. Applications available from D116 as from 14th February 2017.


A lecture by the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy (ISSA) at the Junior College.

Click here.

The first STARGAZER Astronomy Group Activity for 2016/2017. Click here for more information.
CERN Virtual Tour 2016

This is an extraordinary event linking the Junior College with CERN, interacting with scientists at CERN and in Malta. (Limited Places). Click here to view poster.

Educational Videos
Mr. Carmel G. Azzopardi, a member of our department, has prepared educational videos explaining experiments which are highlighted in the MATSEC syllabus. Click here to access this valuable resource.
Our Guidelines for Prospective A-Level students
Are you thinking about joining our Advanced Level course. Click here and think before you leap.
Professor Jim Al-Khalili at Junior College Physics Department
Famous physicist and author for staff-development programme. Click here to view the article.

Junior College Students in Rome
A group of 25 Junior College students recently travelled to Rome, accompanied by a number of lecturers from the Department of Physics who organized the event. Click here to find out more.

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