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Welcome to the Junior College Geography Department  

Geography is a subject that straddles the natural and social sciences. It is also a subject that looks at phenomena from the spatial perspective, more specifically it looks at their distribution over the earth's surface. This science includes the main physical characteristics that make up the natural environment and the central themes that govern human beings and their actions on the planet. The study of Geography will enable students to use their acquired geographical knowledge in real-life situations and as a basis for life-long education. The range of learning skills include:

  1. recalling relevant content from geographical subject matter
  2. understanding the diverse characteristics of people, places and environments interpreting maps, globes and other geographical tools and technologies such as charts, graphs, aerial photographs
  3. understanding that space and spatial relationships are fundamental components of human interdependence on the local, regional, or global scale
  4. recognizing the spatial relationship between people and their environments   
  5. solving problems systematically using geographical methods. 
Timetables Academic Year - advanced level 2016-2017

Timetables Academic Year - intermediate level 2016-2017 


Junior College Calendar Academic Yr 2017/8
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