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Welcome to the Junior College Philosophy Department

Philosophy deals with the fundamental questions and problems that are connected to all areas of human concern. Its goal is to address the ‘big questions’ about who we are and the meaning of life. The study of philosophy as a discipline is a journey in two directions: it invites us to look outwards in an attempt to make sense of the reality around us, and it encourages us to look within us so as to understand, form and express ourselves and our own ideas better. 

The study of philosophy will (i) introduce you to the ideas of the great philosophers of the past, (ii) help you develop thinking skills to succeed in life, (iii) guide you to ask questions about the meaning of life and our personal identity, (iv) help you seek to understand controversial issues such as abortion, euthanasia and cloning.  The study of philosophy will help you think through difficult questions and will help you develop valuable skills which you will find useful in whatever you decide to do in the future.

Philosophy is a fascinating subject that will help you develop valuable skills in reasoning, problem-solving and communication in order to help you succeed in life. It will offer you an excellent background for a broad variety of career paths.


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