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Junior College English Department



The department of English at the University Junior College prepares you for more advanced study in the areas of both language and literature.  Two courses that prepare you for the MATSEC exam in English are offered: one at Advanced Level and another at Intermediate Level.


Advanced level English is an intensive course that will develop your written and spoken expression and encourage your wide reading and analytical skills as you engage with fiction, poetry and drama.


Intermediate level English will give you extensive practice in reading and speaking, helping you to develop your summary and essay writing on topics of general interest and on aspects of a novel.


Both courses are personally enriching and extremely rewarding and will help you onto a variety of courses and careers.



The book club provides a space for students and lecturers to share their ideas about literature in a friendly group environment every fortnight. 
British Writer of the Month Workshop

An interactive discussion about the life and works of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë with brief reference to the novels


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