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Subject Coordinator

Dr Patricia Vella Briffa
Room D318

English subject information

Advanced level

Lectures: 3 hours per week
Tutorials: 2 hours per week
Seminars: 1 hour per week

Intermediate level

Lectures: 2 hours per week

Studying English is challenging but at the same time rewarding, as it encourages students to express themselves, to be creative and imaginative and to develop an understanding and enjoyment of a wide variety of different texts, both written and spoken.

English at Advanced Level and Intermediate Level are both personally enriching and extremely rewarding and will help students onto a variety of courses and careers.

Students of English will also have the opportunity of participating in a number of activities organised by the department.

Listen to the episode related to English from the Junior College radio programme mill-Kulleġġ:
(the episode is in the Maltese language)