JC4Others Committee

The Committee is non-profit and philanthropic at its core. All activities and events coordinated by JC4Others reflect this solid foundation.

The Committee shall include at least two student representatives, ideally both first-year students. The students should remain in office till end of January of their second-year at the College.

The aims of the committee are to: 

  • create an awareness about social issues and instilling a sense of altruism amongst those attending the College
  • organise activities in order to raise funds or collect items for solidarity
  • support various charities or urgent needs of JC staff or students through the funds raised
  • manage the JC4Others Fund
  • organise voluntary work
  • process requests for assistance through the JC4Others Fund
  • propose and update the regulations and processes regarding the JC4Others Fund
  • liaise with the UM Student Solidarity Fund.

2023/25 Committee Composition



JC4Others Fund: How to request support?

The main objective of the fund and its procedure is to provide students/staff members with a channel to request support from the JC4Others Fund.  The fund is accumulated through the JC4Others Committee fundraising activities.

The following forms of Support Actions may be recommended depending on the case:

  • making use of all possible State social benefits/funding and Supplementary Maintenance Grants (available only to students)
  • making use of the UM Welfare Fund for further help
  • making use of any materials/services provided by the College
  • making use of any form of assistance which may be available from third parties
  • allocating a voucher of up to €100 utilising the JC4Others Fund, depending on the availability of the collected funds.
These requests are treated with due confidence.