Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development committee seeks ways to assist and promote professional development at a personal, departmental and college levels.

The aims of this committee are to:

  • actively organise and/or coordinate professional development activities for staff on a regular basis. 
  • assist and share best practices with departments to organise their own professional development sessions.
  • assist members of staff to disseminate their research and good practice initiatives. 
  • organise induction sessions for new members of staff
  • coordinate/organise refresher courses for staff. 

2022/23 Committee Composition

Ms Roberta Borg Parnis

Ms Lynne Agius - overall coordination and support
Mr Christopher Fava
Dr Edward Mifsud
Mr Ruben Pace
Dr Sharon Role
Ms Svetlana Schembri Wismayer
Mr Antoinette Zammit Bugeja

  1. Annual CPD Event
  2. Continuous Professional Development Programme
  3. Professional Development for New Staff