Grupp Ħsieb Ħieles Team

Grupp Ħsieb Ħieles Team

The group is set up co-jointly between students and members of staff to organise activities/event of a socio-political nature free from partisan ties to any of the established political parties or student societies.

The Committee shall ideally include an equal number of staff and student representatives, The latter should ideally be first-year students. The students should remain in office till end of January of their second-year at the College.

The aims of this Committee are to:
  • coordinate Grupp Ħsieb Ħieles and its activities and event
  • organise seminars/webinars for the College Communities based on current themes
  • liaise with other committees and the College Administration
  • inviting panel speakers to illustrate diverse aspects of a theme in an impartial way but in full respect of human rights and prevent hate speech at all times.

2023/25 Committee Composition

  • Chairperson
  • Members
    • Ms Gaynor Azzopardi Mercieca
    • Dr Maria Mifsud
    • Three student representatives
Listen to the episode related to Ħsieb Ħieles from the Junior College radio programme mill-Kulleġġ:
(the episode is in the Maltese language)