Student Safeguarding-Disciplinary Committee

Student Safeguarding-Disciplinary Committee

The Student Safeguarding-Disciplinary Committee is tasked to address issues related to safeguarding, discipline and breaches to the Student Code of Behaviour in relation to registered students.


The Committee maybe consulted with issues related with the safeguarding of the Staff Code of Professional Conduct, part of the Collective Agreement for the Junior College staff.

The aims of this Committee are to:

  • safeguard JC students by activating the necessary protocols within the University of Malta, Junior College and with external bodies as required
  • nurture a sound working relation with the Directorate of Child Protection Services and collaborate fully in the consultation processes and in the reporting of cases
  • act as a disciplinary board for students found or alleged to have breached the Student Code of Behaviour and/or other policies and guidelines in vigour at JC
  • appoint an ad hoc Student Safeguarding-Disciplinary Working Group to investigate an individual case. These working groups shall be composed of three members of staff as indicated in the Code of Behaviour. Details of the operations of these working groups are found in the Guidelines for Safeguarding Junior College Students
  • propose the development, maintenance and updating of relevant procedures to their operation
  • involve the Office of the Principal as it deems fit.

2023/25 Committee Composition