Marketing & Communication Team

Marketing & Communication Team

The team is subdivided into three sub-committees: the Executive Committee, the Social Media Team and the Sponsorship Team. The Executive Committee assembles the Chairs of the other two teams together with the Principal and other members ad hoc.

The aims of the Executive Committee are to: 

  • coordinate all Marketing & Communications aspects of the College
  • assist the College Administration in the promotion of the College in a professional manner
  • provide Public Relations and Marketing advice and consultancy
  • ensure that the College reaches out to its various audiences in the most professional way.

The aims of the Social Media Team are to:

  • coordinate all Marketing & Communications aspects related to the social media platforms of the College 
  • manage the JC Instagram and Facebook accounts
  • promote JC on social media through various campaigns and social media events
  • explore possible uses of other social media platforms.

The aims of the Sponsorship Team are to:

  • propose and update sponsorship packages
  • actively seek sponsorship partners supporting JC
  • liaise with other committees and the College Administration to include sponsors in products and the marketing processes of the College.

2022/23 Committee Composition

Ms Diane Oswald

Mr Keith Azzopardi
Ms Chantal Cassar
One student representative