Enrichment programme

In line with its mission statement, the College offers a whole range of activities, programmes and initiatives, collectively referred to as Enrichment Programme (EP), which is meant to develop and enrich its students holistically.

The EP is intended to complement the formal academic programme of Junior College (JC) students. Participation in EP is completely voluntary. 

Explore the categories below to look for the units which entice you most.  We suggest you visit the different stands during the Hello Freshers fair that is held at the JC Foyer in the first week of October to gather more information. You may use the link below to register for one or more of the programmes available. 

In addition to the list below, students who opt to study an additional language will also have the same advantages of enrolling in the EP, including the possibility of earning up to 30 marks, which may be used for promotion to second year.  

Listen to the episodes dedicated to the Enrichment Programme from the Junior College radio programme mill-Kulleġġ:
(the episodes are in the Maltese language)

More topics/subjects on mill-Kuleġġ

Successful participation will be officially recorded in the final Junior College Study Programme Report. 

Marks gained by participation will be used for the purpose of promotion to second year.

Participation may be valid for the purpose of the Systems of Knowledge project following approval from their respective tutor. 

The EP is composed of a variety of EP Units (EPUs). Even if not considered formal, the EP is planned and structured in a way to ensure that specific outcomes and criteria are attained. For this reason, only programmes approved by the Junior College Board are considered as EPUs. 

All programmes are carried out under the supervision of an EP Coordinator appointed by JC.

Students are encouraged to participate in other activities and initiatives but these cannot be considered as part of the EP. 

Each EPU has a description, which includes the maximum number of marks that may be obtained by participating for the purpose of promotion to second year.

The marks allocated are not automatically earned but one needs to take an active role and attend a minimum of 50% of the allocated time to start earning marks. 

Five (5) marks may be gained for every ten (10) hours of participation in a specific EPU up to a maximum of thirty (30) marks over a year. These marks will be added to the total number of marks for the purpose of promotion as indicated in the criteria for promotion to second year.  

There is no set time when all EPUs are offered, however EPU sessions are usually held at the College and during the day, very often on Wednesdays at 14:00. Some units may involve travelling abroad, visits or meetings that need to be held during other hours.

Students need to formally register in advance through the instructions found in the 'Registration' tile below.

A registration fee or other costs may be involved to cover participation.