Additional language option

Additional language option


The additional language option is offered to first year Junior College students enrolled in Matriculation Course (Standard), Matriculation Course (Extra), Matriculation Course (Access) and Study Programme for 18+ Students.


The aim of this option is to allow JC students to acquire an additional language.

Additional benefit

Students taking up this option will be automatically gaining the advantages of enrolling in the Enrichment Programme (EP), including the possibility of earning up to 30 marks which maybe used for the purpose of promotion to second year. For more information about the EP click the link above. 


JC Students are given the possibility of studying one (1) additional language from English, French, German, Italian, Malti or Spanish at Intermediate Matriculation level. Students will be able to sit for the respective MATSEC examination at the end of the two-(2)-year course. 

In addition to the languages above, JC is also offering two (2) more courses: 
  1. Chinese for Beginners and 
  2. Maltese for International Students. 
Students following any of these last two courses may also obtain a qualification. Details about this will be communicated during the course.


1. The additional language option is given to first year students starting October enrolled in: Matriculation Course (Standard)Matriculation Course (Extra)Matriculation Course (Access) and Study Programme for 18+ Students only.

2. The additional language is offered on a voluntary basis. This means that the student may:

  • withdraw from studying the additional language at any point during the course
  • follow the course to completion and then opt not to sit for the MATSEC examination.

3. Students will be prepared to sit for the MATSEC Intermediate Matriculation exam at the end of the two-(2)-year course. This applies to English, French, German, Italian, Malti and Spanish only.

4. Lectures are scheduled for Wednesday from 14:00 to 16:00 hours. English, French, German, Italian, Malti and Spanish taken at Intermediate Matriculation level are scheduled to have two (2) consecutive hours per week over the two-(2)-year course. Whereas Chinese for Beginners and Maltese for International Students are scheduled to have two (2) consecutive hours per week over one (1) year.

5. Precedence shall be given to the main study programme time table the student is enrolled in. Any clashes with the additional language option time table will result in the automatic withdrawal of the student from this option.

6. Assessment during the course will be formative. Any marks obtained will not be valid for the purpose of promotion.

7. Students may apply for this option after they receive the Acceptance Letter by Friday of Freshers' week every year. Interested students may send an email with "additional language option' in the subject line.

8. Students will not be allowed to study an additional language if they have already chosen it for their Matriculation Course/Study Programme