Matriculation course (Standard)

Matriculation course (Standard)

Read these guidelines carefully if you intend to follow the Matriculation course (Standard), which is required for entry to the University of Malta (UM).

MQF Level 4.

The standard Matriculation Course prepares students to obtain their Matriculation Certificate issued by MATSEC, which is required for entry to UM.

 This course is offered to prospective students who would like to pursue their studies following completion of compulsory education at the time of application, to obtain their Matriculation Certificate.

  1. Applicants who would like to be admitted to the Matriculation course (Standard) must fulfil the Junior College general entry requirements as stipulated by the University of Malta.
  2. International applicants not in possession of SEC qualifications are to contact the International Admissions Office.

Two (2) years on a full-time basis.

  1. This course is in adherence to MATSEC syllabi and regulations.
  2. Students must choose six (6) subjects, two (2) at Advanced Matriculation (AM) level, three (3) subjects at Intermediate Matriculation (IM) level and Systems of Knowledge (as a compulsory subject).
  3. The choice of subjects should include at least one subject from each of Groups 1, 2 and 3. The remaining two subjects may be chosen from any of the four groups (refer to list of subjects and their grouping).
  4. Students are allowed the possibility to study one additional language at IM level. The language session will be held on Wednesday at 14:00 for two consecutive hours over the two year course.  Students will be able to sit for the respective MATSEC examination at the end of the course.