For medicine and science-oriented students

For medicine and science-oriented students

Read these guidelines carefully if you intend to choose a course in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Health Care or Science areas at UM.


MQF Level 4.

The programme is aimed for science students who intend to follow a course in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Health Care or Science courses at UM, but need to upgrade their results.

The programme is specifically aimed at helping students improve their:

  1. grades at Advanced Matriculation (AM) level in Biology and/or Chemistry, as well as of subjects taken at Intermediate Matriculation (IM)
  2. scientific skills and analytical thought processes
  3. preparation to join one of the said courses.
  1. Applicants who would like to be admitted to the Study Programme for Medicine and Science-oriented Students must fulfil the Junior College general entry requirements as stipulated by the University of Malta.
  2. Students are required to produce an official MATSEC result and/or a past MATSEC certificate to attest they already sat for Biology and/or Chemistry AM examinations.
  3. Students, who did not sit for MATSEC examinations and wish to join the programme, must provide evidence that they have followed a full course in Biology and/or Chemistry in a recognised institution at AM level.
  4. International applicants not in possession of SEC qualifications are to contact the International Admissions Office.

One (1) years on a full-time basis.

  1. The course in AM Biology and/or Chemistry will have a different structure from the one offered to students enrolled in the regular two-year course.
  2. The material covered in this course presumes a level of competence in Biology and/or Chemistry equivalent to that expected at AM levels.
  3. Each AM subject is scheduled to have eight (8), one-hour (1) sessions per week, which include lectures, tutorials, studying skills and practical sessions.
  4. The weekly practical sessions based on the entire syllabus aim to improve the skills and practical examination performance. These are intended to complement any practical coursework previously presented to MATSEC.
  5. Students opting for this course may enjoy visits to relevant faculties and university departments as well as talks with their officials to learn more about the nature of the degree courses they offer.

General conditions apply.

Students following this course may study up to two (2) subjects at AM level which must include Biology and/or Chemistry, as well as a maximum of three (3) IM level subjects of their choice and Systems of Knowledge (SOK). 

For the purpose of the AM Biology MATSEC examination, any coursework covered in another institution must be appropriately certified at source.

The study programme for the IM level subjects and SOK assumes that the student is in possession of the body of knowledge that is normally acquired during the first-year programme of studies at JC as students will join JC second-year students taking the same subjects.