Exemption from attendance

Print and fill in the appropriate exemption form from the ones below. A soft copy of the exemption form must then be submitted through Exemptions upload form Year 1 or Exemptions upload form Year 2.

Exemption form A   - for medical reasons
  • The total number of days covered by medical certificates and one-day exemptions must not exceed 15 College days during each academic year.
  • It is strongly recommended that in cases of prolonged sickness and/or hospitalisation, you inform the Junior College immediately.
  • Should you feel unwell while at the College or need to leave for a valid reason, you must inform the Office of the Principal before going home.
Exemption form B   - for non medical reasons
  • You may request an exemption from attending the College for other reasons, such as examinations, interviews or other important appointments. This form is to reach the SSO before the exemption is required.
  • You should plan your holidays and travel abroad to coincide with the College recess periods. This may be found in the Important Dates Section.
  • You will normally be exempted to travel abroad during the academic year in exceptional circumstances and will normally forfeit your Maintenance Grant for the requested period.
Exemption form C   - for student athletes
  • If you are enrolled in the Study programme for Student Athletes, you may request to be exempted from attending the College for sport events held locally or abroad,
  • This form is to reach the SSO before the exemption is required together with an official letter from the relevant National Sport Association justifying your request.