Change of subject/s request

Change of subject/s request

You may request to change any of the subjects chosen by Friday 25 October 2019. After this date, students may submit a request for consideration for a change of subjects by not later than Friday 29 November 2019, subject to certain conditions.  You have to ensure that the requested changes fulfil the requirements of the MATSEC Certificate.

Second-year students and students following the Special Programme for Medicine and Science Oriented Students, who make a request for a change of subject/s, are expected to make up for and take full responsibility for the subject matter/projects/practicals and other educational experiences covered at Junior College during the First Year. Approval is not automatic but subject to administrative constraints as well as the endorsement of the respective subject coordinator.

An administration fee of EUR 12.00 is applicable.

It is assumed that when a request for a 'Change of subject' is made, the student has not already obtained a pass in the subject being changed. 

Online Change of Subjects form:

Change of subjects form - second years (online)