Revision of paper

Revision of paper

Candidates who are not satisfied that the grade awarded to them in any subject represents their performance during an examination, may request a revision of their End Of Year June or September examination paper within three days from the publication of the Academic Report. The examination paper will be reviewed to ascertain that no error was made in the award of marks.

The Revision of Paper Request Form  presented to the Students' Services Office (SSO) within three days of publication.

A fee applies to a revision of paper. One needs to consider one of two options when applying for a revision of paper. Option A - revision of paper only (fee of EUR 25.00 applies) and Option B - a revision paper including a detailed report indicating the quality of the student performance in each question of the examination (fee of EUR 60.00 applies). Irrespective of the option, the revision of paper exercise is always carried out rigorously.

Any fee paid in connection with the request for revision shall be refunded in the following cases:

  • if the change in the marks changes the grade from a fail to a pass
  • if there is an increase of ten (10) marks to the original result accompanied by a change in grade
  • if an administrative error is detected.