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Co-curricular activities


In line with its Mission Statement, the College provides various opportunities for students to develop holistically. Students participating in co-curricular activities approved by the College will be awarded a certificate of participation in the activity.


The following are the main College-led groups:



Junior College Stage Troupe


The Junior College strongly believes in the value of theater and performance for the development of students. The Junior College Stage Troupe was established to give students a first-hand experience in theatre and performance.

Theatre is a discipline where hard work, perseverance and punctuality are required but it is also about having fun. The ‘theatre-family’ provides opportunities for students to initiate life-long friendships.

The Junior College Stage Troupe is open to all students who want to act, sing, dance, write scripts, direct, design, work back-stage or front of house, and to those who are able to operate sound and light systems. These activities therefore provide opportunities where students with different skills work together in a spirit of cooperation.

The main events in which students can showcase their talents are:

  • Christmas concert
  • Soirée
  • Ħolqa - a European theatre festival for students
  • Participation in local and foreign events  





Junior College Orchestra 

The Junior College Orchestra is composed of budding musicians, the majority of whom are College students. It forms an integral part of the cultural agenda of the Junior College throughout the year. The Orchestra performs a vast repertoire comprised of popular classics of instrumental and vocal music. Members of the orchestra regularly meet to rehearse and prepare for upcoming concerts. Since its inception, 15 years ago, the Junior College Orchestra has given well over 200 concerts.

It is regularly invited to perform locally such as at the Manoel Theatre, President’s Palace, St. John’s co-Cathedral, MFCC, and at the Junior College Auditorium. It has also played at prestigious venues abroad such as the Palais Nikaia in Nice, France, Hamburger Korservatorium in Hamburg, Germany, Fieralingue in Bolzano, Italy and Gran Asociacion Colegio of Valencia, Spain.

This year, the Junior College Orchestra has launched its first CD.


Mro M. Pirotta
Tel: 2590 7288




The Library Book Club

The Junior College Library in collaboration with the Languages Area organises book clubs during the academic year. The aim of the clubs is to promote reading and discussion in an informal setting. Sessions are normally held once a month at the Library’s Activity Room. Further information about the book clubs may be obtained from the Junior College Library.


Mr M.Poulton
Tel: 2590 7237




Klabb tal-Qari u Kitba bil-Malti


The club aims at promoting the reading of works by Maltese authors and also encourages students to write poetry, prose and drama. Other activities organized by the club include talks by authors of different literary genres, visits to publishing houses, attending theatrical performances, literary gatherings and film.




Mr J. Vella

Tel: 2590 7284






NSTF Mini European Assembly

Students form teams of three to five and debate on European Affairs from a European Perspective. This year marks the 25th edition of the Assembly. 

Winners will get the chance to visit the EU Institutions. All students receive a certificate of participation. 
More information may be found at:


Ms B. Chaneva
Tel 2590 7202


 NSTF Malta Student Psychology Forum

Students form two member teams  who debate on various issues from a psychological and ethical perspective over an average of six sessions.

Participants receive a certificate of participation. Winners will get the opportunity to attend psychology workshops.

More information can be found at:

NSTF contest for Young Scientists

The contest encourages 14 – 21 year old students to research and develop their own original scientific project which is exhibited during the annual NSTF Science Week .

More information can be found at:


NSTF Malta Student Science Forum

Students form two member teams who debate on various scientific issues over the course of six sessions.

Winners will get the opportunity to participate in the London International Youth Science Forum or the International Wildlife Research Week. All students receive a certificate of participation.

More information can be found at:


NSTF Science Photo Contest

The contest is open to students of all ages. Students take a photo and show NSTF the science behind that photo by writing a 200 word scientific description. The themes include: Scientific Phenomena; Aeronautic and Space and Fauna.

All participants receive a certificate of participation. The winner receives a camera and has the opportunity of competing in the MILSET Science Photo Contest.

More information can be found at:


Stargazer Astronomy Group

The group was set up in 2007 and is open to all College students and staff.  The main aim of the group is to enrich the education of students in the field of astronomy and related matters. Lectures, discussions and night observation sessions are held regularly.


Mr H. Zammit
Tel: 2590 7327



Junior College Seismic Monitoring Group

The group was set up in 2013 with the aim of giving students the opportunity to learn various aspects of seismology (study of earthquakes) and geophysics.  For this purpose, a seismometer has been set up at the Junior College to enable students to  analyse actual seismic data.

Students participating in the group will have the opportunity to learn how to use physics to analyse and interpret the seismic data collected  to obtain information about the  earth's interior structure. The analysed data will be published and may be useful to other geophysicists. It is envisaged that the experience gained by students may serve as a stepping stone for further study and research in this area.

This project is being carried out in collaboration with the University Seismic Monitoring Research Unit.


Mr A. Vella,
Tel: 2590 7323 




Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE)  

The YRE is a programme designed specifically for secondary and post-secondary students. The aim of the programme is to engage youths in resolving environmental problems and issues by carrying out investigations on local environmental issues and propose solutions through investigative reporting and photojournalism. 

Over the last years, students from the Junior College have successfully participated in this competition.


Ms A. Bonello
Tel 2590 7317





Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise is based on ‘Learning by Doing’ activities. With the support and guidance of volunteers from the local business community, teams of students create a mini-enterprise for a period of eight months. Team members elect a board of directors, raise share capital, generate ideas for a product or a service, market and sell the product or service. At the end of the year teams are required to present their achievements by preparing an annual report and delivering a presentation before an audience.

Through this ‘Learning by Doing’ exercise students develop their self-confidence, improve communication skills, and the ability to work as a team. They also develop the ability to plan, prioritise and manage time. Participants are given the opportunity to come across and learn to overcome real-life situations. A certificate of participation is awarded to achievers who participate actively and conclude the Company programme.

Participants can also gain the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP), a new international qualification that certifies students who have had a real entrepreneurship experience, have gained the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to start a business or to be successfully employed.


Over the past years, Young Enterprise teams from the College won numerous awards in the competition.



Mr Roberto Calleja
Tel: 2590 7229






Manga Club


‘Manga’ is the Japanese word for comics, but it is used to describe the Japanese style of comic art. Students who join this club will be able learn the basics of drawing manga, discuss mangas and further their knowledge of this popular style.


JC for Others

Staff and students  sit on the ‘JC for Others’ committee which came into being in 2014. Its main aim is that of creating an awareness about social issues and instiling  a sense of altruism amongst those attending the College. By organising various activities throughout the year, the committee  also raises funds and/or supports various charities and other particular urgent needs of Junior College staff and students.


Fr M. Portelli
Tel: 2590 7313





Student Organisations


A number of Senate-approved student-led organisations are active at the College. Student-led oranisations are solely responsible for activities they organised outside the College campus where no College staff are present.


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