Ħolqa Festival

Ħolqa is an International Youth Arts Festival.

This festival, which started as a theatre festival for students five years ago, is now expanding its wings to incorporate a wider variety of art forms. The sixth edition of Ħolqa will therefore have several branches of art, including: dance, music, literature, drama, performing arts and visual art. Ħolqa is usually held in March.

Ħolqa aims to create a cultural space for students, 16 to 19 years of age, from different socio-economic backgrounds and countries, including those who are in some way disadvantaged, to come together to share ideas, views and culture through their artistic expression.

The festival aims to provide students with a myriad of opportunities:
  • to showcase their artistic and creative talents in theatre and performance
  • to improve their artistic skills
  • to raise awareness through theatre about specific themes which are of interest to this age group
  • to provide a platform for intercultural collaboration
  • to follow theatre performance as part of this holistic educational programme
  • to strengthen the international collaboration of the Junior College with other educational institutions.

Ħolqa Lab is part of the enrichment programme at the College charged with the build-up towards Ħolqa International Youth Arts Festival. Ħolqa Lab includes a series of ongoing cultural, artistic, information and training events which will enable students in the various artistic/ art spheres to appreciate the concept of the Ħolqa Festival in its entirety. The Lab is a space to learn, collaborate and create! Ħolqa Lab is open to all interested students.