Soirée & Christmas Concert

Teatru Kulleġġ is a student-led Junior College theatre group. It brings together students who all share curiosity and passion for Theatre and Performance. With the help of Dr Nicole Bugeja, the co-ordinator, students get to experience what it would be like to be part of a theatre company that creates performances, all while learning and growing in a safe space.

The two main annual events produced by Teatru Kulleġġ are the Christmas Concert and the Junior College Soirée. Every year auditions are held for students to take part in these performances. For the annual Soirée, students are chosen to take various roles such as script writer/s, stage manager/s, stage designer/s, choreographer/s and vocal coach/es, amongst others. They all work together, alongside the committee to create and present a performance in the month of February. 

The goal of our theatre group is to create a space in which anyone is welcome to come and experience all aspects of theatre, on stage and/or behind the scenes. To the naked eye, theatre might seem just a source of entertainment but when looking deeper, students realise there is so much more to this art form. It is a medium whereby students can express themselves and during the process they explore ways of how to transform thoughts, feelings and concepts into performance. Teatru Kulleġġ encourages students to be free and share their talents whilst also reinforcing artistic skill and put it to practice. 

The Junior College Soirée 2022 performance Bitter-Sweet was held on 18 and 19 February 2022. It unfolded the story of a group of villains who decide to travel to another town, Ħal Muxmana, for a much-needed break. When one of the villains, Maleficent, falls in love with the 'commoner' Nina, the villains try to sabotage all this goodness since they are meant to be evil. Love, however, wins over and the villains start questioning whether they want to be evil after all!

Organised by the young passion and dedication of Teatru Kulleġġ, the story was written by student Celine Spiteri with student David Ellul as assistant scriptwriter as well as artistic director. The energetic performance was welcomed by a very enthusiastic audience whose claps and cheers filled our auditorium - a memory to be cherished in the years to come!