Counselling service

The Counselling Service is available to address personal, academic, emotional or College-related issues that get in the way of achieving a good College experience and realising one’s full academic/professional and personal potential.

We offer assistance in a variety of situations including:

  • coping with the transition to College life
  • managing time better and exploring smart ways of studying
  • coping with anxiety and stress and overcoming low energy and low motivation
  • working on self-confidence and self-esteem
  • addressing questions on sexuality/sexual preference and identity
  • addressing cultural/ethnic concerns
  • evaluating family or intimate relationships to deal with interpersonal conflicts
  • offering support to persons dealing with mental health issues.

Our counselling service professionals respect the values, choices and lifestyle of each and every person. Confidentiality is guaranteed, except in those cases when a person is acting, or likely to act, in a way that could cause serious harm to her/him, or put others at risk of harm.

You may opt to use the services of any of our Counselling Service Professionals at JC: 

Use the tiles below to refer yourself or another student for counselling. In any case, the information you submit is seen and processed only by the Counselling Service Professionals.