Conference Policy and Regulations 2024

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Annual International Multidisciplinary Conference 2024 - Trends in Further Education (16+): a multidisciplinary perspective

Organised by the University of Malta Junior College

7th Edition   11-12-13 September 2024

Connections Conference & Meeting Facilities, Junior College, Msida, Malta 

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1.0 Scope and Intent of Conference

1.1   In light of the considerable experience garnered in the hosting of international conferences over the years, the University of Malta Junior College is once again organising its Annual International Multidisciplinary Conference (hereinafter referred to as AIMC), entitled: Trends in Further Education (16+): a multidisciplinary perspective.

1.2   The objective of this event is to create an intellectual and cultural hub that encourages multidisciplinary dialogue between international academics and professionals actively engaged in research and development pertaining to further education.

1.3   Participants and keynote speakers have the possibility to submit the research they present at the conference to be considered for publication in the peer-reviewed journal Symposia Melitensia.  


2.0 Guidelines for Presentations during conference 

2.1. Submission of abstract for presentations

2.1.1.  Participants wishing to give a presentation are requested to fill the abstract submission form.

2.1.2. The above should be submitted by not later than Monday 1 July 2024.

2.1.3. A notification of acceptance will be sent to the corresponding authors via email.

2.1.4. Presentations can only be delivered by their author/s or co-author/s.

2.1.5. A maximum of two abstracts can be submitted by each author.

3. Ethics Clearance

3.1. It is assumed that authors have abided by the ethics regulations and procedures of their home institution and country and of the country in which the research was carried out, if this was different. 

3.2. It is further assumed that all necessary ethics clearances required were obtained from the appropriate institutional/national bodies before the study was carried out. The conference organisers may require proof of this before acceptance of a work for presentation at the conference.

3.3. Any data analysis presented at the conference must state clearly that any opinions expressed by the authors are their own and do not represent the point of view or opinion of the institutions to which the authors are affiliated.

4. Inclusion in the conference programme 

4.1. Inclusion of any presentation in the conference programme requires registration and payment.

4.2. As soon as a conference participant has received the email notification of acceptance of a presentation proposal made, they should proceed immediately to register and pay for the conference.

4.3. It will not be possible to include the participant’s name in the conference programme if registration and payment are not affected.

4.4. In the case of co-authored presentations, anyone included in the list of authors can carry out the presentation provided that they have also registered and paid to attend the event.


5. Publication of presentations

5.1.  AIMC participants might wish to submit their presentations for publication in the peer reviewed journal Symposia Melitensia.

5.2.  Submissions in the journal’s pre-established formats shall be reviewed and then approved for publication by other experts in the author’s field.  More information on how to submit your work may be found at:

5.2.2  by requesting information through the following email


6.  Online Registration

6.1.  Registration for participants and attendees at the conference has to be carried out online through the conference website payment gateway portal.  Register now.

6.2. The registration fee covers the following:

6.2.1.  Registration for conference.

6.2.2.  Possibility of presenting an approved presentation when applicable.

6.2.3.  Possibility of publication of the presentation in the journal Symposia Melitensia at no additional cost (where applicable).

6.2.4.  Book of Abstracts, that includes the Conference programme.

6.2.5.  Certificate of attendance and/or participation.

6.2.6.  Networking social event, lunches and coffee breaks.

6.2.7.  Free Wi-Fi access.

6.3.  Conference registration rates

6.3.1.  The registration fee for the 2024 conference is set as follows: 

      Attendance only
      Attendance with presentation*
  Early Bird Rate (closes 1 July 2024 at noon)       €70       €90  
  Standard Rate (1 July 2024 at noon - 30 August 2024 at noon)


  Late Registration Rate (for attendance only) (30 August 2024 at noon - 9 September 2024 at noon)
      €160       n/a  
* €20 per every additional presentation submitted (up to a maximum of 3 presentations)

6.3.2.  In the case of participants who submitted an abstract, only immediate payment of conference registration guarantees inclusion in the conference programme.


6.4.  Registration for conference attendance expires on Monday 9 September 2024.

7.  Cancellation & Refund Policy

7.1.  Cancellations may only be made by email notification to

7.2.  50% of the registration fees will be refunded if cancellations are made before 1 September 2024.

7.3.  No refunds will be given to participants who cancel in September 2024.


8.  Conference Programme

8.1.  Inclusion of presentations in conference programme is only possible if registration and payment have been affected.

8.2.  A preliminary conference programme will be available online by the end of July 2024.

8.3.  The final conference programme containing list of participants and their presentation titles will be announced by 2 September 2024.

8.4.  An online conference programme will be published. This publication will include a detailed programme of all sessions to be held during the conference.

8.5.  Although every effort will be made to follow the published programme, the conference Organising Committee reserves the right to change the schedule and the contents of the conference programme without prior notice.

9.  Conference Presentation Instructions

9.1.  In order to adhere to the established 20-minute programme time slots, a limit of 20 slides per presentation is strongly recommended.

9.2.  Participants are expected to bring their power point presentation - including a PDF version of the presentation - on a USB flash drive. 

9.3.  MAC users must supply their own adaptors to VGA or HDMI inputs.

9.4.  Please note that transparency projectors are not available for use.


10.  Conference Data Protection Policy and Processing of Images

10.1.  Conference participants and attendees may be asked to consent to any sharing of data related to conference mailing lists as well as to the sending of third party promotional material relating to conferences and academic activities offered and/or organised by the Annual International Multidisciplinary Conference.

10.2.  Participants and attendees must inform the Organising Committee of their wish to continue receiving any promotional emails from the University of Malta Junior College Multidisciplinary Conference by email to

10.3.  Participants and attendees are asked to note that the conference is a public event for which anyone can register.  Hence it might also include VIPs in its audience and any photos taken by members of staff may get published in the College newsletter, on the conference website and/or on the conference Facebook page and news media.

10.4.  Individuals have a right to request to delete any photos in which they appear or to have their image blurred prior to publishing by sending an email to

10.5.  For any other queries related to data protection and privacy policies, please contact the Data Protection Officer by sending an email to

11.  Conference Visa and Travel support 

11.1.  If a conference participant requires a VISA to visit Malta, one is requested to access the information from the Central Visa Unit where one can find all the information available together with the application forms needed. It is the responsibility of the attendee to check whether they require a VISA to travel to the event’s host country. It is normal practice for a VISA to take a month to be issued.

11.2.  One may also consult the website of the Ministry for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality - Schengen

11.3.  The Conference Organising Committee may provide a letter of invitation to the attendees that require it in order to attend the event. This letter will clearly state the dates of the event, the organiser’s details, including contact information, and confirmation of the attendee’s registration to attend the event at the event’s dates and location. Before an attendee submits via email a request for the letter of invitation, one must make sure to have registered to attend the event and completed the payment. Requests without proof of payment cannot be carried out.


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