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SOK is an Intermediate level subject.
Yes, SOK is compulsory for ALL students. Apart from adding to a holistic educational experience, SOK is also a compulsory requirement for entry in University of Malta.
The course covers FOUR Modules, as indicated in the About Us section of the departmental page. Modules 1 and 2 are covered in first-year, while 3 and 4 in second-year.
If SOK is just general knowledge it would be obsolete! Nowadays, knowledge is available through different media and can be acquired easily. SOK is a course in understanding systems of knowledge: how we make use of all the available knowledge to live a more fulfilling life, both academically and personally. SOK helps in acquiring skills related to thinking and opinion formation, while also developing specific skills relating to the topics of all four modules. SOK is NOT just about knowledge content; it seeks to help us understand the meaning and value of knowledge in our lives.
Students are free to choose their experiences as long as these are in line with the project guidelines and carried out with approved organisations. Apart from having your SOK tutor to guide you through every step of the way, you will also have an overseer who will follow your work and sign your attendance. If you are already part of an NGO or any other organisation/institute/club, you can volunteer there as well. If you are an artist, you can create an original work and record the progress. A number of experiences are also offered by the various College clubs, Enrichment Programme Units and departments. The project application is discussed with SOK tutors at the beginning of the course.
IMPORTANT NOTE: In accordance with MATSEC regulations, in order to have the project marks (40%) added to their exam mark (60%), students must first pass the exam. If a student fails the SOK exam, the project marks will not be added. Those who fail the exam, however, can keep the same project mark for the next exam session.
SOK is a two-year course, so the College only represents students who are in their second-year of study.
For each module, which takes a whole semester, students are expected to carry out a minimum of THREE tasks. The tasks vary from essay writing, to research and also work related to the project (example the scientific research). 
The first two modules covered in first-year are taught by the first-year SOK lecturer, while in second-year a different lecturer will cover Modules 3 and 4. The first-year lecturer will however remain as the project tutor throughout the course.
It is a one hour and a half exam. Students have to answer four essays, an essay for each of the four modules. The choice is out of two essay titles in each module.
Yes, there is a text book and it is recommended for the course: Systems of Knowledge: An Interdisciplinary Approach,  Debono Mark, Miller Publisher, 2017 (ISBN 978999575293). 

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