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What is 'Systems of Knowledge' (SOK)?

Systems of Knowledge is a compulsory subject at Intermediate Level. However, rather than an extra subject, SOK complements all the other subjects offered at Junior College. It is meant to provide students with skills and knowledge that are required in the 21st century. It is an interdisciplinary programme aimed at breaking the barriers of departmental knowledge; SOK unites and links between separate fields of knowledge. The subject should serve as a stimulus for a critical appreciation and informed awareness of all that makes us Maltese, European and Global citizens.

What are SOK's main components?

The course of study covered over two years, is divided into four modules:

Module 1 is a critical overview of democratic principles and values, from their origin till today. We evaluate what the democratic system offers, as distinct from other systems, and we analyse and criticise its role in the modern world. One of the major principles in a democracy is responsible and active citizenship; we will explore what this means and how we all can contribute to our society.
Module 2 gives us all a chance to get acquainted with culture appreciation. Art, in all its forms, is an expression of the society in which it is born. We discover how art developed through the ages and the artists who mastered the various art values and techniques.  We will learn to appreciate the meaning of art and its diverse messages.
Module 3 is dedicated to the awareness and appreciation of the environment around us. We will discover together how our future and the future of our planet depends on how sustainable we are today. We will explore the various issues, both in Nationally and Internationally, addressed by the Sustainable Development Goals which were established in 2015.
Module 4 gives us the opportunity to evaluate the phenomena of science and technology. The scientific method and how it developed over the years is explored. Scientific values, morals and ethics are discussed in relation to current development in the scientific world. We will also have the opportunity to assess the impact of science and technology on our life.

What about The SOK Project?

The SOK project makes up for 40% of the final MATSEC examination mark. The aim of the project is to put into practice the values of the above modules. It is based on an experience chosen by the student, ranging from voluntary work to creating a piece of music. This experience is recorded in journals and is accompanied by research and evidence. Each student will be guided by a tutor who will monitor the progress, correct the work and give regular feedback.

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