Request to Use Lifts

 1. As a student, you may use the lifts on grounds of chronic conditions, sickness or injury, provided that you seek prior authorisation from the Office of the Principal (OOP) as illustrated hereunder. 

2. A Use of Lift Request Form shall be downloaded from the JC website using the link provided. A medical practitioner must fill in this request form specifying how long you need to use the lift for.

3. A medical certificate, may also be presented instead of the Use of Lift Request Form. In this case the doctor’s certificate must also specify how long you need to use the lift for.

4. The Office of the Principal will issue a permit to use the lift in accordance with the indications given by the doctor.

5. If the Use of Lift Request Form/medical certificate presented do not specify how long you need to use the lift for, then a temporary permit is issued, asking you to have the form/certificate duly completed by the doctor in ten (10) working days.

6. Under normal circumstances, only the permit holder can use the lift. 

7. Other students caught using the lift without permission, will be first identified, issued with a one time warning and if caught again will face more serious consequences.