Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response Team

Junior College Emergency Response Team

The Junior College Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a group of JC employees who are trained and prepared to respond to any emergency incident or an interruption of school operations. Nowadays ERTs are common in a wide variety of businesses, institutions as well as in public service organisations. The team is generally composed of employees from different areas and units and must be made up of willing volunteers.

The JC ERT members shall be trained and prepared to fulfil the needs required by the College’s specific situation. Each member shall be trained in various aspects of the response, such as medical assistance (First Aid & Pre-Hospital Support Trauma), hazardous materials spills and fire outbreaks. The team will also define a protocol and a set of actions to perform in order to mitigate the negative effects of any incident.


Who can be a member of the JC ERT?

The candidates shall preferably have been at JC for quite a number of years, loyal and trustworthy towards the College and students. They must be dynamic, reliable and display a flair for learning and training. No specific qualifications are needed, but the individual should not show adverse reactions when confronted with blood and fire.


Recommended training 

Unless already trained, the following is the full list of the recommended training:
1. Basic First Aid.
2. Mental Health First Aid.
3. Basic Life Support & AED
4. Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support.
5. Heavy bleeding control.
6. Fire Safety and role of fire Marshall.
7. Hazmat: including chemical spills and biohazard cleanup.
8. Incident command.
Training 7 & 8 may be given at a later stage.


The Health & Safety Officer will be organising the training with those members of the staff who expressed interest in the JC ERT. He will be in contact soon.