Frequently asked questions

As part of the MATSEC syllabus, Psychology is taught at Intermediate level only.  
When you study psychology you have 2 hours of lectures per week. 
Yes, you are provided with notes to help you out. The notes help you to consolidate what you discuss and learn during your lectures.  
The Psychology Intermediate syllabus is presented in 5 modules. The first module is an introduction to the subject of psychology whilst the second module outlines different approaches in psychology. The third module focuses on development and human behaviour. The fourth and fifth modules cover psychological disorders and themes in psychology (stress, gender and aggression), respectively.  
The first module, second module and part of the third module are covered during your first year, whilst  the remaining part of the third module, the fourth module and fifth module are completed during your second year of studies.  
There are a number of recommended books/readings. In your first lessons with your respective lecturer you will be provided with information about the readings and books to purchase. For more information about the readings, please have a look at the Psychology Intermediate syllabus on the MATSEC website.  
You do not need to continue with your studies in psychology to choose the subject of psychology. Choosing psychology will help you with any career or work you would like to pursue. 
When you learn psychology you will gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour, you will learn about development, about how both our biology and experiences shape us. On completion of the two year course, you will acquire a general overview of the subject and knowledge that can help you in whatever future careers and/or experiences you encounter in life.  

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