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Dr Olivia Galea Seychell
Room D415

Psychology subject information

Intermediate level

Lectures: 2 hours per week

At the Junior College, Psychology is taught at Intermediate Level only and you are prepared for the MATSEC examination only. No previous knowledge of Psychology is required.

The Psychology course consists of two years of study. If you study psychology you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and of those around you. Psychology offers insights that will help you whatever profession you decide to embark upon.

During these two years, you will deepen your understanding of human development. You will identify new ways of thinking, come up with questions and be able to provide answers about the human mind and behaviour.

Benefits from this course can be reaped if you attend lectures regularly, participate in class and do the required research. Studying Psychology, as with other subjects, demands commitment on your part.

The Psychology Intermediate Level course has two lecture hours per week. You can get individual attention from your lecturers during contact hours. Contact hours depend on the lecturer's particular schedule and are communicated to you during the first lectures. 

The MATSEC syllabus programme covers 5 modules:
Module 1: What is Psychology?
Module 2: Major Approaches in Psychology
Module 3: Development and Observing Human Behaviour: Reflexivity and Process Awareness
Module 4: Psychological Disorders
Module 5: Themes in Psychology

Listen to the episode dedicated to Psychology from the Junior College radio programme mill-Kulleġġ:
(the episode is in the Maltese language)