Enrichment programmes

In line with our mission statement, we offer a range of activities, programmes and initiatives which are meant to develop and enrich students at JC.

All College-led programmes are carried out under the supervision of staff. Students enrolled in the programmes are awarded a certificate of participation. As a JC student, if you would like to participate in these programmes, as part of your Systems of Knowledge project, consult with the tutors as indicated.

Explore the list below to look for the programmes which entice you most.  We suggest you visit the different stands during the fair to gather more information. You may use the link at the bottom of this page to apply directly for one or more of the programmes available. 

This group was set up in 2018 by a group of JC students and staff with a strong interest in politics free from partisan inclinations. The group organises regular debates about current themes such as migration and democracy amongst others. The group is led by a mixed committee composed of students and academic staff.

Contact the tutor: Mr David Aloisio 

Ħolqa Lab is a build-up towards Ħolqa International Youth Arts Festival. Ħolqa Lab includes a series of ongoing cultural, artistic, information and training events which will enable students in the various artistic/ art spheres to appreciate the concept of the Ħolqa Festival in its entirety. The Lab is a space to learn, collaborate and create! Ħolqa Lab is open to all interested students.

Contact the tutors:

Ms Boryana Chaneva

Ms Leanne Ellul 

This club is set to help students cultivate their observational, discursive and descriptive skills as well as providing knowledge about an industry they may not know much about. Predetermined movies will be discussed amongst the group in accordance with chosen criteria.  The club is open to all students and there is the possibility to work along side other JC clubs and entities involved in the field.

Contact the tutor: Mr Noel Agius  

This is an informal group that meets every fortnight during College hours. The group’s aim is to create a space for students to safely share their love of literature and their ideas in reaction to their reading. Different forms and genres of literature are agreed upon from one meeting to the next and these are distributed among the group members via email for them to read and then discuss.

Contact the tutors:
Mr Carmel Sammut
Dr Romina Frendo

TAL-KOTBA aims to instigate discussions about books and all things related to books, like films and music. Students meet and read, listen, discuss and create, all in the space of an hour. The group aims to make students think about and question all that they usually take for granted.

Contact the tutor: Ms Leanne Ellul

The Junior College is offering a number of short programme courses helping students enrolled to develop certain skills whilst expanding their cultural boundaries.  Some of the programmes take place over a weekend and these will be publicised by the different departments in due time. 


Art Kafe

Students who love and appreciate the Visual Arts will be given the opportunity to watch audio-visual documentaries on artists and eras in the history of art, engage in discussions on art works/specific artists and enhance their critical skills.

Contact the tutor: Ms Olivianne Farrugia


Computer-aided Draughting

This programme gives the opportunity to students to learn how to used AutoCAD® software packages to draw 2D plans and designs for a total of 30 hours given as a series of two-hour sessions (spread over two terms). A minimum number of 10 students is required to open this course. This programme is open to all students, however preference is given to students taking Engineering Drawing & Graphical Communication.

Contact the tutor: Ms Olivianne Farrugia


Introduction to Photography 

This programme is designed in giving students a basic understanding of photographical terms, techniques and camera controls. Students will be given the opportunity to understand the use of natural/artificial lighting whilst practicing studio lighting techniques.  The course offers the possibility to perform basic photo editing.

Contact the tutor: Mr Riccardo Flask.


Japanese Culture

Students who have an interest in Japanese, Asian and Manga cultures will find this short programme particularly enticing. By the end of the programme participating student shall have a basic knowledge and understanding of common Japanese behaviour, custom, traditions and life style. Students will also learn and be able to recall basic vocabulary associated with specific Japanese traditions.

Contact the tutor: Mr Carmel Hili


Marketing in Practice 

This short programme will offer students a better understanding of the role of marketing and that of practitioners in the field. This short programme is ideal for students who are studying Marketing, Business Area students and anyone who plans to follow a career path that brings them in contact with customers. 

Contact the tutor: Mr Stefan Schembri

The Club offers students the opportunity to design, build and programme robots to solve specific problems. Students get to develop essential skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Students are also offered workshops on how to create websites and mobile apps.

Contact the tutor: Ms Roberta Galea

The group gives students the opportunity to learn various aspects of seismology (the study of earthquakes) and geophysics. Students can analyse actual seismic data collected by the seismic station located at the College, which sends information to monitors situated in the Physics Department.

Students participating in the group will have the opportunity to learn how to use physics to analyse and interpret the seismic data collected to obtain information about the earth’s interior structure. The analysed data is published and may be useful to other geophysicists. It is envisaged that the experience gained by students may serve as a stepping stone for further study and research in this area.

This project is carried out in collaboration with the Seismic Monitoring Research Group within the Department of Geosciences, at the University of Malta.

Contact the tutor: Mr Alexander Vella 

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The Biology Department at the College, in collaboration with Operation Wallacea (Opwall) offers students the opportunity of joining a Conservation Research Expedition. Students are given the opportunity to work on real-world research programmes alongside academic researchers. Over fifteen research sites are available including: South Africa, Madagascar, Fiji and Croatia.

The expeditions, of two-week duration, take place between June and August. Once there, students are also engaged in a series of lectures that provide background information about the habitats and species and survey techniques. Some of the expeditions also enable students to work in the marine environment, enabling them to become qualified divers.

Students studying biology, geography and environmental science would benefit from this expedition.

Contact the tutor: Ms Petra Paula Spiteri

Visit the website.

The group is open to all College students and staff, and its main aim is to enrich students’ knowledge in the field of astronomy and related matters. Lectures, discussions and sky observation sessions are held regularly. The group works in close collaboration with the Institute for Space Sciences and Astronomy at the University of Malta, in organising its main activities.

Contact the tutor: Mr Howard Zammit

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The Young Reporters for the Environment is an opportunity for Junior College students who have environmental concerns at heart, or those who aspire to become journalists or take up media studies. Students are tasked with following a particular environmental-related issue and then writing a report in the form of a photograph, article or short video. This project is submitted at end of March and the winning entry is then submitted to a competition at an International level.

Contact the tutor: Ms Annick Bonello Cassar

Need to know more? Visit the website or send us an email.

The Junior College Orchestra was set up to give an opportunity to students who can sing or play a musical instrument, to practise or showcase their talents.

Our Orchestra is regularly invited to perform at local prestigious venues, and exchange visits with other European Colleges. We won The Horace Mercieca Award (Gozo International Celebration, 2013), the Jury Special Prize (Vodaphone Freezone 2nd International High School Contest, Istanbul, 2016), and the Io Concorso Internazionale per Orchestre Scholastiche Musicale – Categoria Istituti Superiori (Malta, 2017). In December 2018, the College orchestra celebrated its 20th anniversary and released its 2nd CD Album ‘In Christmas Mood’.

Contact the tutor: Mro Manoel Pirotta.

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The aim of Manga Club is to promote Japanese Otaku Culture. Club activities may include games, discussion, drawing and dancing. Members are assisted in their cosplay and they organise different activities throughout the year. The club is open to all students, even those who are new to the genre.

Contact the tutor: Mr Roberto Calleja.

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The aim of the club is to promote and nourish an interest in photography. Students involved in this club can range from absolute beginners to experienced ones. The group meets on a weekly basis during which students are offered a free basic course in photography. This course, which does not require any previous knowledge, consists of theoretical sessions, hands-on practical sessions and demonstrations as well as site visits. Sessions are held both on and off campus. A number of activities are held throughout the year.

Contact the tutor: Mr Riccardo Flask.

Contact us to get to know more.

Teatru Kulleġġ was set up to organise, coordinate and hold the various theatre and performance activities, including the Christmas concert, the Soirée, as well as opportunities for participation in local and foreign festivals and events.

Teatru Kulleġġ provides students, be they experienced or just enthusiastic, with a platform, to explore and develop skills further within a safe and supportive environment. During rehearsals and workshops, various key skills are highlighted for students to develop both as an artist and as an individual. These opportunities also offer grounds for collaborations between students who are involved at all stages of production from the initial idea to final product. The results are both exciting and gratifying.

Teatru Kulleġġ also offers the opportunity to those who are keen on helping the group further by joining the TKCommittee, which functions and carries roles similar to that of a theatre company. The committee, under the supervision of the Coordinator, plays a leading role in decision-making.

Teatru Kulleġġ welcomes all students who are keen on theatre and performance, whether one is into Shakespeare or more into Pina Bausch, whether one can change a light bulb or sew on some chiffon, is quick with a pen or a paint brush – Teatru Kulleġġ is always there to welcome all students.

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Żfin Kulleġġ invites young aspiring dancers with any dance style to build their knowledge in dance through workshops, teambuilding and technique sessions and engage with other creative movers in a fun, working environment ultimately leading to choreography. Żfin Kulleġġ also welcomes individuals without any background of dance but with an interest in other forms of art such as photography, prop making, costume designing, videography and video editing, backstage, sound and lighting design to collaborate with the dancers. The students will experience and hone the skills to produce performances by taking part in the Christmas concert, Soirée, Ħolqa – International Youth Arts Festival, as well as local and foreign events.

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Chrisco is the Junior College students’ Christian community coordinated by the Chaplain.

The Chrisco group animates the spiritual, religious and liturgical life of the College, especially during Advent and Christmas, and Lent and Easter. In addition, Chrisco offers regular meetings for students every Wednesday from 14:00 to 16:00. These meetings offer the opportunity of character formation, spiritual guidance, voluntary work experiences, and enhance talents and various teamwork skills, while also making new friends.

Throughout the academic year, the Chrisco group is involved in various socio-religious activities including cross-curricular ones, where Chrisco supports and even animates activities with various departments at Junior College.

Contact the tutor: Rev Anton D'Amato.

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Workshops are organised by the Department of English in collaboration with the English Speaking Union (Malta). The Public Speaking workshops train participants in the techniques needed to deliver a speech persuasively, such as choice of words and the use of body, voice, face and eyes. The Debating Academy sessions involve groups of three students being trained in professional debating to form well-researched, objective positions on a number of controversial issues.

Contact the tutor: Dr Patricia Vella Briffa.

The award is an exciting self-development programme filled with activities that can be done in one’s spare time. It is challenging and different, but more importantly it is about having fun, trying something new, learning and improving skills and spending time with friends as well as making new ones along the way. The programme, made up of five sections, includes a residential experience, community service, a skill and physical activity section as well as an expedition.

Contact the tutor: Ms Stephanie Bugeja.

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Erasmus+ Programmes

The College offers students a number of opportunities to participate in EU projects that are carried out in conjunction with other Sixth Form colleges in the EU. The exchanges promote non-formal education focused on specific themes.

Contact the tutor: Ms Boryana Chaneva



Each year, a group of College students accompanied by staff, visits the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Participation follows a selection process overseen by the European Parliament Representation in Malta. In addition to spending a day at the European Parliament, students have the opportunity of visiting the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), museums and other highlights of the city. The visit is partially sponsored by the European Parliament.

Contact the tutor: Ms Boryana Chaneva.

The Rome Model of the United Nations

This is a simulation of the United Nations that provides a unique opportunity to deal first-hand with major international issues and acquire a firm grasp of the rules and mechanisms of multicultural diplomacy.

Participants meet regularly in preparation for the simulation which is held in Rome in January.

Contact the tutor: Ms Boryana Chaneva.

Contact us to get to know more.


Mediterranean Youth Mathematical Championship - MYMC

Students who would love to explore their aptitude for mathematics further and to possible compete abroad in a team against foreign students will find this programme of particular interest.  The sessions will be spread over two years.

Contact the tutor: Dr Alexander Farrugia 

This is an exciting opportunity for students to bring an entrepreneurial idea to life and create something with their colleagues through learning-by-doing activities. Students set up a company in which its different members share roles, raise share capital, generate ideas for a product or a service, market it and sell it. During the programme they work to reach certain milestones and complete different tasks. At the end of the year, teams are then required to present their achievements by preparing an annual report and delivering a presentation before an audience.

Through this learning-by-doing exercise, students develop self-confidence, improve communication skills and the ability to work as a team. They also develop the skill to plan, manage time and be creative. Participants are given the opportunity to come across and learn how to deal with and overcome real-life situations.

Participants can also gain the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP), a new international qualification that certifies students who have had a real entrepreneurship experience, have gained the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to start a business and to be successfully employed.

Over the past years, Young Enterprise teams from the College won numerous awards in the competition.

Contact the tutor: Mr Roberto Calleja

Contact us to get to know more.

The Young Translators Club entails meeting regularly to discuss and practise translations in preparation for the Juvenes Traslatores Contest organised by the European Commission in November. These informal sessions organised by the Area of Languages & Communication, see students engage with languages in a fun way and give a better understanding of cultures.

Contact Person: Dr Patricia Vella Briffa

The Junior College offers many other initiatives of an educational, social and cultural nature. These include value education weekends, seminars, talks by guest speakers as well as visits, both locally and abroad, which complement the formal academic programme at the College. Students are encouraged to view the noticeboards, website and newsletter regularly for updates.

Participation of Students on Junior College Board and Committees

Students are represented on the Junior College Board as well as on the JC4Others Committee, the JC Diversity Working Group and on the JC Environmental Committee - see brief description of each below. Students are encouraged to participate in these fora by submitting a completed form to the Mr Roberto Calleja (Youth Worker) by the end of November. Consult the procedure about the appointment of student on the JC Committees.

Environmental Committee: This committee was set up with the aim of focusing on environmental issues and creating awareness amongst students and staff about them.  The Committee organises hands on activities such as clean-ups and campaigns both at College and away.

JC Diversity Working Group: The College strongly believes that each individual is different. Difference may arise for many reasons including, but not only, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and disability. The group was set up with the aim of focusing on diversity issues and creating awareness amongst students and staff about them.

JC4Others: Its main aim is to create an awareness of social issues and to instil a sense of altruism amongst those attending the College. The Committee also established and manages the JC4Others Fund. Through the organisation of various activities throughout the year, JC4Others raises funds and/or supports various charities as well as College students/staff.

Students wishing to take a more physically active challenge are encouraged to visit the Department of Sport & Leisure for a complete overview of the sport activities JC has to offer.