Praxis: Applying Theory in Practice

The Junior College is once again organising its annual international conference The Junior College Multi-Disciplinary conference: Research, Practice and Collaboration.

The objective of this event is to create an on-campus intellectual and cultural hub that encourages multi-disciplinary dialogue between different international academics and professionals actively involved in research and development. The conference aims to put the Junior College on local as well as international academic maps.

The third edition of The Junior College Multi-Disciplinary Conference: Research, Practice and Collaboration will be held from Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 September 2019.

This year’s edition, with the theme of 'Praxis: Applying Theory in Practice', will focus on how ideas, paradigms or models that work in theory are counterpoised by the processes of realising, applying or enacting them in practice.

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The keynote speakers for this year are Mr James Catania, Prof. Andrew Azzopardi, Dr Maurizio Indirli, Dr Baohua Gu, Prof. Sandro Caruana, and Prof. Tanya Sammut Bonnici.

This year our academic event shall be preceded by another conference organised by the Maltese Department within the Junior College. The Maltese conference shall focus on the theme 'Il-Biża’ fil-Letteratura Lokali' and will be held on 17 September 2019 at the same venue of the multi-disciplinary conference. Get to know more about the Maltese Conference.

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