Students' Maintenance Grants

Students' Maintenance Grants

As a student at JC you need to apply online for the Students' Maintenance Grant every academic year.

Before applying online, make sure you have an active e-ID account and an IBAN number.

Make sure you read these guidelines

Eligible students must satisfy the criteria established by LN 308 of 2016, including residence in Malta for a period of not less than five consecutive years preceding commencement of the relative course of studies and that they have completed their term of compulsory education.

Before applying online, students must have and active e-ID account.  An IBAN is also required to complete the application.  First year students must also prepare a scanned copy of all pages of their Secondary School-Leaving Certificate. The employment history, which can be downloaded from Jobsplus is also compulsory.

Eligible students are entitled to receive the amount of EUR 91.75 every 4 weeks covering 1 October 2021 to 30 June 2022. This amount is to be revised in February 2022 by a pro rata adjustment of the COLA increase.

First stipend for academic year 2021/2022 has been issued in the beginning of December 2021. The last stipend will be issued in August 2022, following regular attendance and satisfactory progress. One-time repeating students are eligible for a stipend according to the number of hours per week.

An Initial Grant amounting to EUR 332.94 will also be credited at the beginning of the academic year to all students, except those repeating a year and students going down an MQF Level in their studies.  Payments are credited following confirmation of the online application by the student.

Stipend-eligible students facing hardship, including financial difficulties, may be eligible for a Supplementary Allowances. Students may apply for the Supplementary Allowances in the same online application. Students need to submit an online application on a yearly basis.

Moreover, students who are single parent and rely solely on social assistance, may benefit from the Single Parent's Benefit. 

Students are allowed 15 days of paid sick leave for every academic year against presentation of a Medical Certificate to the respective institution. Thus, students exceeding 15 days of certified sick leave will be considered absent for students' Maintenance Grants purposes.

Online applications open at the beginning of October of each year. Students who apply after 31 December of that same year will have their eligibility determined as from the date of application.

Students under the age of 16, will need to fill in and submit the guardian approval document.

Non-EU students need also apply for Exemption from school fees with the Ministry for Education & Employment attention Mr Victor Agius, Room 335, Ministry for Education & Employment, every academic year.

For more information send an email or call 153.