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Advanced Level Physics Course


This is a very popular course offered by the UoM JC Physics Department. The students are prepared for the MATSEC Advanced Level Physics Examination whilst they are also given opportunities to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for entering a university degree course with confidence. A good grade (Grade 3 or higher) in SEC Physics, Mathematics and English Language are recommended pre-requisites. 

If you are a First Year student click here.

If you are a Second Year student click here.

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Intermediate Level Physics Course 

The UoM JC Physics Department also offers a course which prepares the students for the MATSEC Intermediate Level Physics Examination. This course aims at providing a broader view of the subject without delving as deep in the subject as in the case of the Advanced Level course and without requiring a very rigorous mathematical approach. It builds on the knowledge acquired at ordinary level with the details becoming more important. Some new topics are also introduced. This course is also very popular. It is also a entry requirement for admission to many courses offered by the University of Malta.

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Other Courses 

No other courses are currently being offered.

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MATSEC Examinations

Click here for the relevant syllabus and general information.

You may download the corresponding the Past Papers Index from the our Resources section.

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Question 1:   I am a prospective student and I intend  to eventually follow a particular course at University. Do I need to study physics? Should I study Physics at Advanced Level or Physics at Intermediate Level ?

Answer 1:   Click here to access all the relevant information.


Question 2.   I am considering choosing to study Advanced Level Physics at the Junior College. Do I have what it takes?

Answer 2:    If you intend to study Physics at Advanced Level,  good grades (Grade 3 or higher) in SEC Physics, Mathematics and English Language are recommended.

You have to be prepared to work hard and diligently. You need to be ready to abandon any bad study habits, such as allowing pending work to accumulate which might not have had repercussions in the past, but which would definitely make failure a certainty at this level. Developing good organisational habits and good study habits requires determination. In other words, you need to be very motivated.


Question 3.    I am considering to study Physics at the Junior College. How does the system work?

Answer 3:    It depends on whether you decide to take Physics at Advanced level or at Intermediate level.

If you are interested in the study of Physics at  Advanced Level, click here.

If you are interested in the study of Physics at  Intermediate Level, click here


Question 4. What is the secret of success?

Answer 4: Hard work, consistent effort, good study habits / strategies, the right attitude as well as a regular and healthy lifestyle.


Question 5.   I chose to study Physics at the UoM JC at Intermediate / Advanced Level. However I have a personal problem that is very likely to affect my progress. Where can I find help?

Answer 5:      You have various options. One of them is using the Guidance and Counseling Services at the Junior College. The Guidance and Counseling Services provide time and space for you to explore any concerns in a strictly confidential and non-judgmental setting with a view to helping you establish priorities, make decisions, set goals and find solutions to your difficulties. Parents of students attending the Junior College may also use these services.

You may also consider contacting one of your lecturers or the subject coordinator. Your difficulties and concerns will be treated seriously and confidentially. Many students in the past have chosen this option and found great help and support. We are always ready to help you but you will need to make the first little yet important step. You may contact any member of the Physics Department staff via e-mail. Contact details are available here.

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Masterclasses in Particle Physics

Click here for the poster and click on the headline for the programme.

Timetables 2017-2018

Attention Advanced and Intermediate Level students. Click here to view your timetables.

CERN 2017
'Cern 2017' organised by the JC Physics Department: The participating students tell us about the unforgettable experience. Click here.
Does God really play dice?
We are proud to welcome our guest Prof. em. Urbaan M. Titulaer who will give three talks, one for the public, one for academic staff and university students and another one for Junior College students.

Click here to view the poster. Friday 24th February 2017 at 5.00 p.m. to Saturday 25th February 2017 at 5.00 p.m. Applications available from D116 as from 14th February 2017.


A lecture by the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy (ISSA) at the Junior College.

Click here.

The first STARGAZER Astronomy Group Activity for 2016/2017. Click here for more information.
CERN Virtual Tour 2016

This is an extraordinary event linking the Junior College with CERN, interacting with scientists at CERN and in Malta. (Limited Places). Click here to view poster.

Educational Videos
Mr. Carmel G. Azzopardi, a member of our department, has prepared educational videos explaining experiments which are highlighted in the MATSEC syllabus. Click here to access this valuable resource.
Our Guidelines for Prospective A-Level students
Are you thinking about joining our Advanced Level course. Click here and think before you leap.
Professor Jim Al-Khalili at Junior College Physics Department
Famous physicist and author for staff-development programme. Click here to view the article.

Junior College Students in Rome
A group of 25 Junior College students recently travelled to Rome, accompanied by a number of lecturers from the Department of Physics who organized the event. Click here to find out more.
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