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Junior College Facilities 

The following is a list of facilities available at the College.  Click on the relevant facility to access more information:
Library / Study Area / Quiet Working Area / Auditorium Peter Serracino Inglott / Laboratories & Specialised Rooms / First-Aid Room / Canteen / Youth Hub / Leisure Areas / Bicycle Parking Spaces / Ilwien Child Care Centre / Bookshop / Recycling at CollegeLifts



The Junior College Library caters mostly, but not only, for students following Advanced and Intermediate Matriculation subjects. The Library provides a welcoming environment where students can carry out research and work on their studies. 
The Library plays a crucial role within the College and its remit is to support research and learning in all disciplines by promoting information literacy and reading and culture through the organisation of various activities. These include information literacy sessions, monthly book displays, art exhibitions, and subject talks. The Library also issues a newsletter, the BOOKMark, which aims to help students with research tips, news about the library and also articles of general interest. 
The library book collection is divided into five sections: the General Collection, Reference, Short Loans, Fiction and Biographies, and Melitensiasections. Moreover, the library also subscribes to a wide spectrum of electronic journal packages offering thousands of full-text articles. 
Students must present their JC Student card or ID card when checking out books. A maximum of six books can be borrowed for a period of three weeks at any one time. Books may be renewed or reserved by accessing ‘My Library Account’ from the UoM Library webpage (
All material available to College students in the library can be retrieved by using HyDi which is a one-stop search gateway to all Library resources and can be accessed via the Junior College Library webpage:
The Library also has workstations offering internet facilities as well as free Wi-Fi access to all registered students. The library also offers a photocopy service against a per-sheet charge and subject to copyright regulations.
Junior College Library is also available on social media. Apart from serving as an online noticeboard for both the Library and the Junior College, the Facebook page ( also promotes science, culture and literacy.
From 1 October to 15 June, the Library is open between 07.00 and 16.00 hours. The library opening hours for the summer months may be found at:
During the month of May, prior to the end-of-year examinations, the library closing time is extended to 19.00 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Contact: Mr Mark Poulton (2590 7237, email:

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Study Area

The Study Area is located in front of the Auditorium and provides a space where students may study and work on assignments. Students may engage in group-work and benefit from a more relaxed atmosphere than that of the library.

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Quiet Working Area

The quiet working area is found in Room C016 is an ideal place for individual work and where perfect silence is expected. 

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Auditorium Peter Serracino Inglott

The College has a fully air-conditioned Auditorium situated opposite the Study Area which is equipped with all amenities. Annual events such as the Soirée, the Christmas concert as well as theatre productions, performances and conferences are held in the Auditorium.
 The Auditorium is regularly hired for various events.
Contact: Mr Daniel Cioffi (2590 7316, email:

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Laboratories and Specialised Rooms

Each science subject at Advanced level includes an average of two hours of practical sessions per week to complement the theory and to prepare students for MATSEC practical examinations. 
The College prides itself in offering the best laboratory facilities to students studying science subjects. All laboratories are either new or in the process of being refurbished.
Classes are divided into small groups during practical sessions in order to ensure individual attention in a safe environment. 
A number of specialised rooms are also available to enhance the teaching of particular subjects. These include the Home Economics Laboratory, a Theatre and Performance Room, a Geography Room, a Music Room, two Art Rooms, a French Resource Room and a Marketing Room.
Lecture rooms are equipped with data projectors, monitors or interactive white boards.

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First-Aid Room

The First-Aid room is situated in the College foyer next to the entrance to Block A. Staff and students requiring First Aid are to refer to the Principal’s office Room B004 for assistance.

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The canteen and the adjoining games room is one of the places where students can relax and socialize during their leisure time. The canteen offers a wide variety of food and drinks.  The Canteen is run by A.F.G. Caterers.

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Youth Hub

The Youth Hub aims to provide a creative space and the ideal environment for students to work on projects, organise activities and develop ideas and initiatives. It also offers a place where students can socialise in a relaxing atmosphere. The Youth Worker’s office is found in this area.

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Leisure Areas

Students are encouraged to remain on campus during their free time. Apart from the canteen and Youth Hub, students may also spend their time at the Pjazza, study gardens and other areas on the Junior College campus while having a break from lectures and studying. These are all popular spots where students can hang out.

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Bicycle Parking Spaces

Students and staff who decide to cycle to Junior College can leave their bicycle in designated parking spaces.  The administration cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to bicycles parked on campus. Cyclists are responsible for their own safety while on College grounds.

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Ilwien Child Care Centre

Ilwien Child Care Centre provides child care facilities to members of staff and students all year round. Drop-in facilities are also available.

The Child Care Centre provides pre-school education for children aged between 18 months and 3 years. The centre has an open plan layout divided into well-defined areas including a home corner, block centre and audio-visual and IT corners amongst others. Ilwien also boasts a large open-air playing area.

Contact: Ms Joanna Gatt (2590 7427/8, email:

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The Agenda Bookshop is available on the College campus for the convenience of students and staff. The bookshop is open during College hours. 

Recycling at the College

The College is committed towards contributing to a better environment, as it is the civic duty of each student and member of staff to do so. To this end, the College collects paper, plastic, metal, used batteries and clothes for recycling.  


For practical reasons, students are not allowed to use the lifts, but they may use them for medical reasons only. Students who need to use the lift are to present a doctor’s medical certificate to the Office of the Principal in order to be granted permission. The doctor’s certificate must specify how long the student needs to use the lift for. 
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