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Principal’s Office

This office is located in Room B004, close to the foyer.  The office is open Monday to Friday, office hours, throughout the year, except during the Christmas and Easter recess. Students and parents may contact the office whenever they feel the need arises.


Tel: 2590 7201

Students’ Services Office (SSO)

This office is located in Room B104. Students may visit the office for any kind of assistance. The office is open all year round, Monday to Friday, between 8.30- 12.00 and 13.30 – 16.30 hours from 1 October – 15 June and between 8.30  and 12.30 hours from 16 June to 30 September.



Tel: 2590 7150


Counselling and Guidance Service

The Counselling and Guidance Service is available to all Junior College students, parents and staff. It helps students address personal, emotional or education-related problems that get in the way of having a good College experience and realising one’s full academic and personal potential.

The service can help students explore and make decisions about important issues in life including:

·      making the appropriate choice of subjects;

·      acquiring information about career prospects;

·      coping with the transition to College life;

·      managing  time better and exploring smart ways of studying;

·      coping with anxiety and stress and overcoming low energy and low motivation;

·      working on self-confidence and self-esteem;

·      addressing questions on  sexuality/sexual preference and identity;

·      addressing cultural/ethnic concerns;

·      evaluating family or intimate relationships and dealing with interpersonal conflicts.


Mr J. Aquilina

Tel: 2590 7423


 Mrs Fleur Mifsud Bons

Tel: 2590 7291


Youth Worker’s Office 

The Youth Worker, together with students and other stakeholders at the College works to create initiatives that help them develop personally, socially and educationally. The Youth Worker offers support and mentoring to students in relation to their College life, their holistic development and long-term career path.

Through the Youth Work Office, students:

·      find support and information about relevant services within and outside the College;

·      are encouraged to get involved in different co-curricular activities;

·      learn about themselves while developing skills during activities organised by the office;

·      are engaged in discussions on current affairs or topics of their interest and to explore their relevance to their life;

·      seek personal and group mentoring on different levels;

·      suggest and organise initiatives of a social, learning and fun nature;

·      explore opportunities of voluntary work: and

·      provide career advisory services at the College.


Contact: Mr R. Calleja

Tel: 2590 7229






The chaplaincy embraces the charisma of helping people to see where God is already present in all spheres of life.  Its facilities include a chapel with an adjoining socializing area and an office within the College main building which are open during College hours. The Chaplaincy provides daily mass at 07.30 and at 12.15 hours, pastoral counselling and spiritual direction.


Chrisco, a Junior College student Christian community, supervised by the chaplain, organizes various activities throughout the year and supports other departments in their activities. It strives to be an animator of the spiritual, religious and liturgical life of the College, particularly during Christmas and Easter time.


Contact: Fr M. Portelli

Tel: 2590 7313



Junior College Diversity Working Group


The College strongly believes that each individual is different. Difference may arise for many reasons including, but not only, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and disability.


The group was set up with the aim of focusing proactively on diversity issues and creating awareness amongst students and staff about them.



Mr J. Aquilina  

Tel no. 2590 7423




The Eurocentre


This office is responsible for the coordination and organisation of activities with a European/ international dimension. Its objective is that of promoting student participation in intercultural and non-formal education through projects with an international focus.These include the new EU Education programme  Erasmus+, Euroscola, Youth Exchanges and the Mini-European Assembly amongst many others.

These projects are believed to be of great educational value and are aimed at contributing towards the students’ holistic development. They are enriching experiences which will significantly widen the students’ horizons by means of exposure to different languages and cultures and through interaction with foreign students. These projects aim at involving students from different study areas or specific interests.

The Eurocentre is also committed to providing support to students and staff throughout projects. Furthermore, it offers information related to the EU, as well as introducing innovative programmes and practices aiming at increasing student participation in extracurricular activities.             


Ms B. Chaneva

Tel: 2590 7202



IT Services

IT Services manages the Junior College IT infrastructure and offers a range of facilities and services to assist students with their IT-related needs during their course of studies. Students are provided with an IT Account which gives them access to several services including a personalised email account to which all official emails by the College are channelled.  



Tel: 2590 7112



Junior College Website


The Junior College Website is one of the main channels of communication of the College. It contains basic information about areas of study as well as facilities, services, notices and contact details. The latest information may be found on the website.


The College website may be accessed at


Open Access Computing Lab


IT Services manages an open access computer laboratory, Room C208, as well as a number of workstations found in the library which students can use while at the College. These workstations offer the use of standard software packages, email, web browsing, printing and scanning facilities. Some workstations offer access to other specialised application software such as ACAD.


WiFi hotspots


Students may connect their personal devices to the wireless hotspots in designated areas of the College. WiFi access is only available for staff and students.


eSims JC – the Electronic Student Information Management System

eSims JC is the Junior College portal which enables students to view/update their personal details, their registered course details, assessments, end-of-year tests and re-sit results.


JC  VLE – Virtual Learning Environment


The JC VLE is a web-based learning environment which provides tutors with a range of tools to support students with their studies. The JC VLE is the main e-learning platform used by the College and may be accessed from the Junior College Website.


Junior College Newsletter


Students are sent a weekly newsletter via email. The newsletter features what goes on at the College, other important information and upcoming activities. Information published in the newsletter is considered as official.  

Sports and Leisure Department

The Sports and Leisure Department offers students and staff opportunities for physical activity which are one of the pillars of living a healthy lifestyle. It also aims at increasing awareness of health, sport, fitness and their relationship to each other.

Sport facilities at the College include an eleven-a-side synthetic football ground, an athletics track, a five-a-side football ground, a tennis court, a netball court, a basketball court, a volleyball court and an indoor basketball court. These facilities cater for a variety of physical activities such as fitness classes, badminton, table tennis, basketball, martial arts and gymnastics. Students and staff may freely use these facilities and can borrow sports equipment during College hours.

Sport training sessions, one-day events, competitions, inter-school leagues and an annual Junior College Sports Festival, are amongst the events in the Sports and Leisure Department calendar, providing opportunities for all to participate.

The sports facilities may also be booked outside College hours against payment.


Ms R. Dimech

Tel: 2590 7322



ACCESS – Disability Support Unit


The Junior College strives to support all students especially those with a disability or who require special arrangements.  The College administration  liaises with the ACCESS Disability Support Unit of  the University of Malta to ensure that such students avail themselves of all the appropriate and permitted support available.


It is the responsibility of students to apply for access arrangements with the ACCESS  Disability Support Unit for access arrangements during MATSEC examinations, at the same time when applying for these examinations. 


Contact: Ms M. Mangiafico

Tel: 2340 2557


Students’ Maintenance Grants Office

 Students who are qualified to join the Junior College are to apply online for the students’ maintenance grants at 


Students must have an active eID account to apply.


Eligible students must be Maltese citizens or Citizens of other countries but having at least one parent being a Maltese citizen or  EU citizens who have resided in Malta for a period of not less than five years from the commencement of the relative course of studies and have completed their term of compulsory education.


Eligible students are entitled to receive the amount of €86.05 every 4 weeks commencing 1 October, 2015 to 30 June, 2016. First stipend will be issued on 2 December, while the last one in August 2016 following regular attendance and satisfactory progress. An Initial Grant amounting to €232.93 will also be given at the beginning of the academic year.


Students who have particular financial difficulties may also apply for the Supplementary Maintenance Grant.  The Supplementary Maintenance Grant application form can be downloaded from



Tel: 2598  2305/2247/2272



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