Advanced Practical Chemistry

Advanced Practical Chemistry

Evening course for the MATSEC Advanced Practical Chemistry Component

This course will provide a comprehensive review of the quantitative and qualitative exercises listed in the MATSEC advanced chemistry syllabus.

Candidates attending this course will learn the practical chemical knowledge and skills required to undertake successfully the MATSEC advanced chemistry practical examination.

The practicals that will be covered are the following:

  1. Introduction to volumetric quantitative techniques
    Simple acid-base titration
    Introduction to qualitative analysis
    Qualitative analysis (group 2 and amphoteric cations)
  2. Preparation of a standard solution
    Acid-base titration
    Qualitative analysis (transition metal cations)
  3. Volumetric dilution of a concentrated solution
    Acid-base back titration
    Qualitative analysis (anions part 1)
  4. Standardisation of a solution by titration
    Thermometric exercise - Enthalpy of Neutralisation
    Qualitative analysis (anions part 2)
  5. Redox titration - KMnO4
    Qualitative analysis (identification of inorganic unknown compounds)
  6. Redox titration - Iodometric
    Introduction to organic qualitative analysis
    Overview of the C = C, -OH and -CHO functional groups
  7. Redox titration
    Qualitative analysis (carboxyl group, its derivatives and the amino group)
  8. Complexonetric (EDTA) titrations
    Qualitative analysis (aromatic compounds)
  9. Identification of Inorganic and Organic Unknown compounds
  10. Mock Exam

Ten three-hour evening sessions.

Will commence on Thursday Jan/Feb 2020. Exact date is to be announced soon.

Sessions will be held every Thursday from 17:00 to 20:00 (except during Easter recess).

Candidates are expected to have at least first year advanced level chemistry knowledge or equivalent. This course will focus on the practical aspects and will assume that candidates are familiar with the theory component of the quantitative exercises.

Candidates cannot register for this course if they are full-time students registered with an educational institution. This programme is intended mainly at 18+ applicants.

Each practical session will contribute to 10% to the total assessment.

Marks will be awarded on correct titre values for the quantitative tests and correct observations, inferences and identifications for the qualitative tests. Marks for the thermometric exercise will be determined on the temperature change.

A certificate will be issued if the following requirements are met:

  • candidates must attend a minimum of 8 sessions
  • candidates must obtain a minimum of 50 marks.
A Guide to Advanced level Practical Chemistry, Tabone Adami J.P., Progress press, (4th edition) ISBN 978-99957-833-5-8

The price for the course is EUR 450 and full payment must be carried out upon registration.

For further details or any queries send an email to Mr Renato Camilleri.