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These courses/programmes are only offered to applicants not attending an educational institution, particularly 18+ applicants.

The three separate practical courses focused on experimental sessions in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, offered to non-Junior College students who would like to study one or more of these subjects at AM level but have no access to laboratory facilities.

Applicants are expected to have at least first year AM Biology/Chemistry/Physics knowledge or equivalent, depending on the course of choice.
  1. This is a ten (10), three-(3)-hour evening session practical course.
  2. Applicants will gain knowledge about different practical techniques, report compilation, data analysis, discussion of results, and biological drawings (where applicable). This will help students undertake successfully the MATSEC practical examination papers of the respective subjects.
  3. The Biology Evening Practical course will provide candidates with the required number of practicals forming the practical workbook, which will be certified by qualified tutors, in part fulfillment to sit for the MATSEC Biology Advanced Paper IV Examination as listed in the syllabus.
  1. The application fee of these study programmes is EUR 450.00 each and full payment must be made upon registration.
  2. Applicants choosing the Biology Evening Practical course must attend all the sessions to ensure that they are eligible to sit for the MATSEC Biology Paper IV examination session.
  3. Applicants cannot register to this course if they are already full-time registered Junior College students.
  4. 18+ students and students following the study programme for medicine & science oriented students may be allowed to take the evening practical courses on a case by case basis.
  5. Full details about the evening practical courses in BiologyChemistry and Physics are available. 

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