Joining the Junior College

Entry requirements

Applicants may be admitted to the University of Malta Junior College if they are in possession of six passes in the Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) Examination or when applicable, their equivalent at Grade 5/C or better.

The subjects must include: English Language, Maltese, Mathematics and at least one of Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

General Conditions

1. All students are expected to follow Junior College Regulations and Guidelines as published on the JC website.

2. All students studying at the College will be prepared for MATSEC examinations only at the end of the respective study programme (SP), unless otherwise stated.

3. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that prospective students can choose any combination of subjects, the Junior College reserves the right not to offer a particular combination of subjects if the number of applicants does not justify it or if logistics and timetable arrangements do not permit it.

4. The Junior College reserves the right not to offer a subject if the number of applicants does not justify it or if logistics and timetable arrangements do not permit it.

5. No changes to the timetable will be allowed once this is set at the beginning of the year.

6. All prospective students, who are under 18 years of age, must have at least one parent/guardian residing in Malta.

7. Students may only register for one study programme at a time, and cannot be registered at the Junior College concurrently with another institution.

8. All Junior College students are entitled to use the facilities available on the College Campus during working hours free of charge. Normally facilities need to be booked in advance and are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

9. Students intent on pursuing their studies at the University of Malta must be aware of the general entry requirements before they enrol at JC. Special course requirements are also provided. 

10. It is strongly advisable that adult learners, who intend applying at UM to further their education, are encouraged to contact the Student Advisory Services to assist them with the requirements for the course they intend to choose.

11. Students who study a combination of subjects which do not conform with MATSEC regulations cannot hold the Junior College responsible for their choice and level of subjects in view of their ineligibility to enrol with UM.

12. Students must commit themselves to their programme of studies and attend all sessions to ensure they reap all benefits therein.

Application by non-Maltese applicants
If you are a non-Maltese applicant, not in possession of SEC qualifications, contact the International Admissions Office for details:
Tel. +356 2340 3332 / +356 2340 3476

Exemption from Maltese language as an entry requirement for Junior College
In special circumstances, the Admissions Board may allow an applicant to offer another subject instead of Maltese as an entry requirement to Junior College, under the following conditions:

  1. a non-Maltese applicant may be allowed to offer their own language instead of Maltese, as approved by the Admissions Board, provided that it is not English.  Applicants whose mother tongue is English shall be required to offer a language other than English, instead of Maltese.  applicants who hold dual citizenship, or who become naturalised Maltese citizen, are required to be in possession of a pass in Maltese a SEC level for entry to a course at UM.
  2. a Maltese applicant who for reasons of residence or education abroad, over a significant period during the previous four years, has not received adequate teaching in Maltese, may offer instead of that subject, another language, provided that where course regulations or bye-laws specify Maltese as a special course requirement, such a pass must be obtained at the specified level and grade.
  3. students who have been exempted from Maltese as an entry requirement to Junior College, must hold a SEC pass at Grade 5 or better in this subject by the time they apply for any undergraduate course at the University of Malta.
(Extract from the Admissions Regulations, 2016)