2021 Admission to Junior College

General entry requirements for Junior College for academic year 2021/22.

It is highly recommended that all prospective students, whether they are in possession of all the entry requirements or not, apply during the first admission period in August 2021.

The following entry requirements for admission to Junior College (JC) apply for the Matriculation Certificate (Standard) and other two-(2)-year study programmes that make use of the same general entry requirements:

  1. Applicants must be in possession of six (6) passes in the Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) Examination at Grade 5 or better or when applicable their equivalent. The subjects must include: English Language, Il-Malti, Mathematics and at least one of Physics, Chemistry or Biology.
  2. In cases where an applicant does not hold SEC qualifications, but has qualifications from other boards, the applicant may still be admitted following a favourable recommendation of the Admissions Board.
  3. Prospective applicants whose qualifications fall short of those required due to a significant disability, including individuals within the Autism Spectrum and with specific learning difficulties, may make a request to the Admissions Board who, on the advice of the Access Disability Support Committee (ADSC), will consider each application on its own merit.
  4. Non-Maltese applicants not in possession of SEC qualifications are to contact the International Office by sending an email.
Applicants who have all the entry qualifications to JC will be considered as Regular Students.
Candidates who happen to be in mandatory quarantine during the main June session of examinations and thereby miss one of the core SEC subjects (Il-Malti, English, Mathematics and a Science subject) will be able to sit the missed examination in the October session (the rules of the supplementary session will apply).
Applicants who do not have all the entry qualifications to JC may be accepted as Temporary Students.
Temporary Students will not be allowed to continue with their studies at the College if they are not in possession of all the entry requirements by the time the SEC resit results are published in November 2021.It is important to note that in accordance with SEC regulations, candidates may only sit for English Language, Mathematics, Il-Malti and for only one in either Biology or Chemistry or Physics in the supplementary (resit) session. Conditions apply.
Other measures intended to mitigate effects caused by the pandemic are published on UM Newspoint. It is important to note that with respect to SEC Examinations and Admission to JC:
  1. Candidates who, because of mandatory quarantine during the June or the supplementary session of examinations, miss a core/non-core SEC subject required as one of the entry qualifications for JC will have their case dealt with by the JC Admissions Board. Such prospective students need to apply to be admitted to JC and petition their case to the JC Admissions Board.
  2. In the cases illustrated above, applicants falling in this category will be considered as Probationary Students. Conditions apply.
Probationary Students must be promoted to second-year to be allowed to continue their course of studies at JC. If they are not promoted, said students may restart first-year provided they have all the necessary entry qualifications in October 2022.