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Academics scheduled to teach at C409 are encouraged to contact us so that we organise a short demonstration of the available technologies and assist with any queries they may have.

The Classroom Technology Guide [PDF] is also available on the teacher's desk in c409.

Room C409 includes the following:

  • A teaching desk equipped with:
  • Display screens that can be set to display various content using the control panel:
    • x1 left projection screen for displaying electronic presentations, written text, etc.
    • x1 right projection screen for displaying electronic presentations, written text, etc.
  • Speakers
  • Camera for lecture capture
  • Wireless network access
  • Student desks
  • Tiered seating


Additional Information


  • The teaching desk is equipped with fixed (gooseneck & boundary microphones) and wearable microphones.
  • Wearable microphones and roving microphones (for interactive sessions) are available on request by calling ext: 7112.


  • C409 is equipped with a visualiser which is similar to an overhead projector. This can be used to project any writing or materials (newspapers, books, 3D objects) placed on the visualiser’s working surface onto the large screens.
  • The main benefits of using visualisers are:
    • Students often complain that they are unable to read text on whiteboards in large lecture halls/theatres because it is too small. Text written on the visualiser can be projected onto large screens, making it easier for all students (including those seated at the back rows) to follow the written explanations.
    • Academics can maintain eye-contact with their students while writing on the visualiser. This eye-contact would be lost if academics had to turn to write on a whiteboard instead.
  • Academics are required to bring their own paper and marker/s when they need to make use of the visualiser.
  • Instructions on the use of the visualiser are available [PDF].

IT Services Workstation on the Teacher’s Desk

  • Academics are encouraged to use the IT Services workstation available on the teacher’s desk. The workstation can be accessed using their UM IT Account.
  • The main benefit of using the IT Services workstation is that academics need not carry their personal laptops/tablets for their teaching session. They can bring along their presentation on a USB stick or upload this to their Google Drive.
  • To transfer presentations to the workstation, academics can insert the USB stick in the USB port available on the desk panel. Academics are reminded to remove the USB stick at the end of their lecture session.

    Alternatively, academics can upload their presentations on their University Google Drive from their office/home. They can then download the presentation from Google Drive onto the IT Services workstation.
  • Academics are reminded to log off at the end of their session. Any data left on the computer can be used by the same presenter during future sessions. This data cannot be accessed by others.
  • The workstation has various software and is connected to the Internet.
  • The workstation is also equipped with a wireless presenter. This tool helps academics navigate through their electronic presentation while moving around in the lecture theatre. The laser can also be used to highlight key points on the projected display.

Laptops & Tablets

  • Academics can use their personal laptop or tablet for presentations or software demonstrations.
  • The teaching desk is equipped with HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm audio jack ports and cables. Academics should bring any other cables (e.g. VGA-to-DVI, HDMI-to-Mini HDMI) required by their devices.
  • Academics are reminded to leave the HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm audio jack cables on the teaching desk at the end of their session.

The Control Panel

Lecture Capture




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