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Students Conduct during End-of-Year Examinations
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Students Conduct during End-of-Year Examinations June/September


1.      Students are to endeavor to be seated in the room allocated at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination.  Students are reminded that five minutes Reading and Noting Time are being allowed at the beginning of the examination. Students will be allowed to start writing on the examination script.

2.      Students should place their Junior College Student Card on the desk assigned to them for the examination.  No candidate will be allowed to sit for his/her End-of-Year examination without the mentioned student’s card.

3.      Students will not be allowed into the examination room after the first half-hour from commencement of the examination.

4.      No student will be allowed to leave the examination room, whether temporarily or permanently during the first half hour of the examination or during the last 15 minutes of the examination. 

5.      Students may be allowed to leave the examination room temporarily after the first half hour from commencement of the examination and before the last 15 minutes of the examination provided he/she is duly supervised and that the time spent outside the examination room is logged.

6.     Students shall not directly or indirectly give assistance, or seek to accept assistance from any other student.

7.      Before commencement of examinations, mobile phones, tablets, programmable calculators or smart watches should be turned off and kept in students’ personal bags.  Mobile phones are NOT allowed in students’ pockets.  Students caught carrying a mobile phone will be considered as having unauthorized material and thus will not be given a mark for the examination.

8.      Students are NOT allowed to bring into the examination room any written or printed material, blank paper, electronic devices for mathematical calculations or electronic data processor unless expressly permitted by the examiner/invigilator.  During examinations, pencil cases should be kept under the desk.  The University Junior College takes a very serious view of any cheating or attempts at cheating during examinations.  Disciplinary proceedings are undertaken in all cases reported. 

9.      Each candidate will be provided with one or more examination booklets which must be filled in accordance with the directions printed on the cover of the book.  NO part of a examination booklet should be torn off.  NO examination booklet or part thereof may be taken outside the examination room. Students should write their Index Number on all examination booklets during the End-Of-Year Examination. Do not indicate your name on the examination script. This will help to protect your identity during examinations. The Index number letter is to be retained in your bag.

10.     Should a student be absent for the June Session for a reason considered by the Junior College to be valid and beyond his/her control, the student may be allowed to opt to sit for all the end-of-year Examinations as a first sit in the September session or to sit the missed Examination/s under first sit conditions in September.

11.     Students who absent themselves from an End-of-Year examination/s are required to inform the Senior Administrative Officer on telephone number 25907150 by not later than ONE HOUR after the commencement of the examination. In the case of absence due to illness, representatives for candidates should present a written letter from the doctor addressed to the Senior Administrative Officer, specifically stating for which subject/s and the reason why the candidate could not sit for that exam/s. This letter should reach the Administration Office (Room B105) at the Junior College within 24 hours. Blue medical certificates issued by the Department of Social Services for the purpose of exempting students from sitting for the End-of-Year exams will NOT be accepted.


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Last Updated: 30 March 2017

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