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Systems of Knowledge Project Guidelines


The Systems of Knowledge Project mark is out of 40.  For your Systems of Knowledge Project please follow the guidelines listed here.  We are indicating also how you are going to be assessed.  Please pay attention to the details accompanying each section.

Overall the Project task should be at least 20 hours long, though some opt to carry out more than 20 hours.

A:  Project Booklet-Action Plan and Clarity of Objectives – 5 marks

  • First Meeting: (3 marks), Second Meeting: (2 marks)
  • The answers you provide in the action plan shall be relevant to the project.


B:  Reflective Journal – 10 marks

  •     Detailed descriptions and links to the evidence provided (4 marks)
  •     In-depth analysis and reflection (6 marks)
  •     Each journal report must be within the limit of 500 words.
  •     The dates and number of hours on the journal reports must correspond to the ones on the evidence sheet signed by the overseer.

C:  Project – 10 marks
  • Evidence (3 marks)
  • All evidence presented needs to be selected with purpose and be relevant to the aim of the project.  Evidence selected (such as photographs, pictures, questionnaires, DVDs and recordings) need to be adequately referenced and analysed in the project.
  • Photographs and pictures need to:
  • abide by data protection regulations;
  • be clear and of good quality;
  • be adequately labeled;
  • document progression of experience;
  • show an understanding of the formal context of the project.
  • Presentation (4 marks)
  • This is the manner you present the Project Portfolio which includes Project Booklet, Journal Reports, Long Essay and Evidence.
  • Variety of Experience (3 marks)
  • First-hand experiences where you engage to fulfil the aim of your project, thus acquiring a more holistic experience.

  • D:  Long Essay (10 marks)
  • The Essay must be of 1000 words.  The range is between 900 and 1100 words.  If the essay is outside this range a mark is deducted.

  • In the essay you must discuss the relevance of values implied in the coursework political, aesthetic, scientific, technological, environmental to the aim of the project. (3 marks)
  • In the essay your analysis about the above values must be deep. (3 marks)
  • Communication of Ideas including Use of language (4 marks)
  • Essay structure and logical development of arguments and ideas (2 marks)
  • Language use (1 mark)
  • Bibliography (1 mark)
  • E:  Interdisciplinarity (5 marks)
  • Interdisciplinarity and contextuality (3 marks)
  • Scientific facts (2 marks)

  • You need to demonstrate how your project intertwines science and technology with one or more of the aspects below:
  • Experiencing what being a good citizen is;
  • What it means to appreciate/create objects of aesthetic value;
  • What it means to be responsible towards the environment.

  • Notes on Science and Technology Research
  • Research about science and technology should be presented in a separate section.
  • You should focus on one aspect of science and another of technology.
  • You must take care in describing scientific facts by moving beyond a particular process to explain the scientific principle behind the concepts you select.  Rather than just describing that a match produces fire, for instance, you need explain how this is done.  The same applies when providing details about a technological process.



Last Updated: 5 November 2013

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